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Mind Body & Soul.

I was talking to somebody a while back, about meditation, going to the gym, eating healthy, why I don’t drink or smoke. They asked me why do you do all of it?

They caught me off guard at the time and I wasn’t able to answer, I don’t think they realised what a big question they had just asked me. I’ve been asking myself the question ever since. I love that, when somebody can really make me think.

Think of the person you love most in the world, if you could give them anything in life what would you give them? I’d give them happiness, health & peace of mind.

But the thing is you can’t give these things to another person, you can only give them to yourself. You can’t make somebody else happy if they are not happy in their own heart and their own mind. You can try, but you’ll hurt yourself in the process. & the other way around, I realised a long time ago that nobody in life can give me these things. So I made a conscious decision to give them to myself.

Enlightenment is a destructive process, it’s the complete eradication of everything we previously believed to be true.

I never imagined when I first tried meditation how much it would change my life. The clarity it has brought me, the peace of mind. The more I meditate the more connected to my soul I become, the more I understand myself and my thoughts & the more I understand the universe around me. I truly believe that to make the right choices in life, you have to spend time in solitude, get in touch with your soul & listen to your inner voice. So many people pray every day, asking for answers, but they don’t take the time to listen for them. That’s what meditation is, listening. & I promise you, no matter how crazy it might seem at first and how frustrating, if you quiet the mind the soul will speak. Meditation is not supposed to be fun, or easy. It’s a long process and it takes a lot of discipline and an awful lot of patience, but nothing worth having comes easy. I’m not a religious person, I don’t believe in god or anything of the sort. I believe in consciousness, that we are all connected & that we are all creating & experiencing our own reality through our thoughts and intentions.

As I sat in the house of the creator and listened, the only voice I heard was my own. – Your soul already knows all the answers you are looking for, you just have to trust it.

The more I meditated the more mindful I became of my own body. Every day I wake up I feel blessed, I feel grateful for everything in my life, including my health. It is definitely not something I take for granted, and not something I want to gamble with. I want to be healthy, mind body and soul. So that is why I meditate, why I don’t smoke or drink, why I don’t eat meat, why I eat all organic vegetarian foods & why I lead a very active lifestyle. It’s all about bettering myself. I’m taking responsibility for MY own health, MY own happiness and MY own peace of mind.

I know people sometimes think I’m crazy, or that my lifestyle is a bit extreme. But you know what people also say to me? That they always see me smiling, that no matter what I’m always happy and I’m always laughing.  Of course I make mistakes, have my bad days, have days where I question myself. But you know what that’s ok, because I know that as long as I continue to live from my heart, and listen to my soul, that it will never lead me astray. Life is a lesson and I’m learning every day.

I’ve got so much from life already, now here I am in Dublin living my dream, it might not seem like much to most people, but I got exactly what I wanted, exactly what I wished for, not through luck or chance but through hard work and never giving up.

I truly think when you want something so much and you really believe in it, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Maybe I have pronoia.

So this is it, this is what my blog is going to be about, fitness, food, healthy living, wellbeing, self love, meditation and spirituality. I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately about the training I do, or for some of the vegetarian recipes I’m always posting about. Maybe this blog will help even one person have a more positive day. May help somebody else along on their fitness journey or help them with their workout. Or may even just give somebody something to read while their bored at work, I don’t know. But it’s a great chance for me to get back to writing, and if I can inspire even one person by sharing my own journey then jobs a good’un right?




Feel free to leave comments i’d love to hear what yous are thinking about any of the posts. I’ll be posting my first fitness post this week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mind Body & Soul.”

  1. Such an inspiring read! You have always been the wild one and I can’t get over person you have become! You have shown if you always think positive and listen positive then that positivity will surround you!!

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  2. Hey I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – promoting smaller blogs. The details and rules are all on my latest blog post you will need to go check it out now. Well done I love you blog! xxx


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