Cyber Bullying.

There’s no doubt that the digital age has made the world a smaller place, making it easier for us to communicate and connect with others, and from what i’ve just witnessed on instagram it has made some peoples brains smaller too.

I was flicking through my Insta and I came across an account I had never seen before. Basically the whole point of this account is to ‘call out’ other gym goers in Ireland and make fun of them. Using screenshots of pictures taken from other people’s Instagram pages to post on their own page with comments underneath mocking them.

I’m sorry WHAT?

In what reality is this even acceptable? And even worse are the people who are liking these pictures and commenting underneath, encouraging it and calling the anonymous owner of the account a hero. Have you nothing better to do than try and tear down others just because you don’t like them, or because you disagree with them or the way they are? Not wanting to sound like a patronizing mother but – Mob mentality is a disgusting thing and every single one of you should be ashamed!

Now if this account had pictures of a load of very overweight, unhealthy gym goers up from gyms in Ireland and was making fun of them and calling them fat and laughing at them for working out, people would be disgraced & all hell would break loose. But because the page is actually making fun of people who are in shape or who are doing very well and are confident in their progress people are joining in the taunting and the hurtful comments. How is this any different? Bullying is bullying no matter who it is directed at.

In any situation this should be unacceptable, but to be making fun of anybody trying to better themselves in a gym or fitness environment is disgusting. Everybody has different fitness goals, just because somebody has different goals to you that’s ok to try and tear them down is it? Or just because somebody is proud of the progress they are making so they are posting up pictures on social media that’s ok to laugh? This does not effect you directly in any way shape or form, if you don’t like them you don’t have to socialise with them in the gym, nobody is forcing you to look through their Instagram posts! Just leave these people be.

People who use the same gyms, or who are interested in fitness etc should be raising each other up, telling each other well done for their progress, tell them they’re looking great & keep up the hard work. We are a fitness community, a fitness family – HENCE THE HASHTAG #IRISHFITFAM

Now I’ve personally not been targeted by this page and I hope I never do as its horrible, I just happened to come across it yesterday when I was online and it shocked me. Maybe I will be targeted by them just for writing this post, it wouldn’t surprise me. Either way If something infuriates me and stirs up that much emotion in me, I’m going to write about it. I’m a very strong believer that it’s hurt people who hurt people, so if anybody knows who the keyboard warrior behind said page is, please give them a hug from me and say a prayer for them. Its your compassion they need, even if they would not show you the same kindness.

Anybody who knows me knows I am not a confrontational person, I keep to myself and don’t get involved in other people’s business. But in this case I feel like some of the people who are liking the pictures on this page aren’t realizing that what they are doing is cyber bullying. My intention behind this post is that this will give them a wakeup call.

So maybe a few people will dislike me for this, or unfollow me, but to be honest I couldn’t care less. The thing i love about karma is its inevitability. Karma for me is a wonderful thing as I speak only words of kindness and encouragement about others and it always comes back to me tenfold. But for the makers of pages like the one in question KARMA IS A BITCH, maybe you’ll come back as a slug in your next life.

& I’d just like to add that although i do not know anyone on the page in question.. i think you’re all sexy bitches – keep it lit FIT FAM. Let’s raise it up.

  • Nearly 43% of internet users have been bullied online.
  • 90% of people who say they use social media, admit to having seen social media bullying and ignored it.
  • Bullying victims are are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

Just let that sink in.


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