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Do not fear failure.

You know, I keep seeing these quotes everywhere trying to inspire and motivate people saying things like ‘failure is not an option’. I know they are coming from a good place but things like this make me realise why people have such unrealistic expectations of themselves and of others. Of course failure is not an OPTION, if we had a choice to fail at something or to succeed, obviously we would choose success. But you know what, failure happens! Does it make you any less of a success? Absolutely not. Does it make you not good enough? Not even a tiny bit. Does it mean that you won’t succeed in the future? Of course not, relax, take a deep breath, pick yourself back up and try again!

The society we are living in puts so much pressure on us, taking tests in school, going to college, going on to university, getting the perfect job, finding a partner & settling down. How can anybody make a decision about what they want to do for the rest of their life at such a young age? I personally will fully admit that the course I done at college I have absolutely zero interest in pursuing as a career. That’s ok, I was 16 years old when I chose it and I made a mistake, I still had an absolute ball of a time at college. I’m only human & I’m sure in another 7 years’ time when I’m 30 I’ll be looking back on decisions that I’m making now and laughing thinking the same thing. Hopefully by that time I will be somewhere on the boarders of the Amazon working on an eco-farm, but who knows? What I want changes so often, what I thought I wanted 7 years ago, is very different from what I want now, maybe in 7 years what I want then will be totally different again! There’s a reason for that, it’s called growth.

My own example was of college, but it really does go for anything – relationships, work, friendships, college, sports, hobbies and really anything you do in life. The only time you will truly fail, is if you let your past failures consume you. Each time you make a mistake or you’ve failed at something, think to yourself ok then so what can I learn from this experience so that I come closer to succeeding next time? Life will keep on sending you the same lesson to relive over and over until you learn what you were supposed to. Accept the situation for what is, realise your lesson, put it into practice and move on.

I personally am grateful for every time I have failed, and for my failures yet to come. Each time I fail or make a mistake and am able to take responsibility and move on from it, I get stronger and wiser than I was before. You’re never going to have everyone’s approval, you’re never going to be perfect at everything. You’ll have shitty jobs, people will tell you you’re not good enough, you’ll date shitty people or even worse you will date amazing people and yet it still won’t work. That’s life, shit happens, you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea & even though sometimes we would like to think we can do everything, we can’t – that’s what makes us different, what makes us unique.

It doesn’t matter if other people don’t have faith in you, or if other people don’t think your worthy or that you can do it, people will always try to bring you down weather they do it intentionally or not. It breaks my heart to think that some people absorb the hurtful words of others and this becomes their reality. All that matters is that YOU continue to have faith in yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

& whatever it was that came in to your head when you read this.. If it was something that happened in the past that you’ve been tearing yourself up over, just let it go. If it was something that you’ve not done yet because you’re afraid? Just do it, I for one have complete faith in you.

That thing that scares you the most is a clear indication of what you must do next. You should always go with the choices that scare you the most, as even though they require the most from you, they also have the greatest rewards.

The most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations.  

Unfortunately we can never know what comes next, whether it be good or bad, but what we can do is be brave in who we are and face whatever is coming with alacrity.





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