Often described as small ‘meaningful coincidences’.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is an order and connectedness of the universe that we cannot even begin to comprehend. Have you ever picked up your phone to look at it and exactly as you did it started to ring? Or you’ve just been talking about somebody who you haven’t seen in years and the next day you bump in to them? You’ll be thinking of asking a friend if they fancy booking a holiday to Spain and the next day they’ll call you with the exact same idea? Your on holiday half way around the world in a small little shop and you bump into an old friend from home? These things are not coincidences, they are synchronicities.

I am always experiencing small synchronicities in my everyday life, every time I do I am so grateful. I have become so used to it now and so open to it that even the people around me notice it and get freaked out. When something strange happens now I smile and laugh. A synchronicity is a sign from the universe that you are on the right track, that you are in alignment with the universe and with your higher self. Embrace it and be open to it.

A few examples of synchronicities in my own life recently.

  • I am often saying stuff to my friends that freaks them out, how did you know I was going to say that? Or how did you know that’s what I was thinking about? Or how did you know that’s what I was doing? The answer is synchronicity. A few weeks ago I called a friend of mine and as soon as he answered the phone I launched into a story about how I had walked for about 15 miles and had the biggest blister ever on the inside of my foot which I had to burst and now was in agony. He just hangs up on me and sends me a text saying ‘go away your after freaking me out’. I called him back laughing and said why did I freak you out, because I was telling you about a blister? And he says no because you must be watching me, I’m sitting on the edge of my bed trying to pop a blister as you called me, how did you know that?  I also called him a few weeks later and when he answered I said ‘OMG guess what?’. ‘What?’ He says. I laughed and said ‘cold peas aren’t hot’ just because I thought this was funny, I used to say it when I was younger. Of course I didn’t know that at the time I said it when he answered the phone he is eating a big spoonful of peas, ‘YOU’RE AN ALIEN STOP DOING THAT’ he laughed
  • .When I was younger I was always drawing pictures of clothes I would love to design. I have always wanted a beautiful green lace dress, I’ve often sat and described the exact dress I wanted which I had imagined and drawn, and said to my best friend that I would love to one day design this dress and have it made for myself. I was then sitting in work one day reading an article about synchronicities and the exact dress I had been describing to my best friend for the past two years appeared at the side of the article on an advertisement for a sale on a clothing website. I took a picture and sent it to him straight away and he also couldn’t believe it, this EXACT dress I have wished for appearing in a sale on a SYNCHRONICITY article! Thank you universe!
  • I have always been very against gambling from a young age. ‘It’s a fool’s game’ I say. However one day I was on the phone to a friend and I shouted ‘Eeeeep I just found a lucky cent’. Of course he laughed and said ‘Kirsty you say this about 10 times a day, every cent you find is not a lucky one’. Pffft, I’ll show you. So I said you know what, I’m gonna go in to this shop and buy a scratch card, ill use my lucky cent to scratch it and I’ll win. I won’t win a fortune because I don’t want to be steered towards gambling, but I’ll win like two euros or something. Of course I strolled out of the shop with my scratch card I had just won two euros on absolutely delighted with life. I never cashed it, I keep it in my purse as a reminder.
  • And then the one that inspired me into writing this post today. Last night I was walking home from the gym, bouncing along as I always do. Every traffic light on every road I came to on the 50 minute walk home turned green exactly as I got to it. Skipping along I think to myself, ahh I love when I’m so in tune. I look over at the bus sign I’m just about to walk past and the numbers on the sign all change to 11, 44 & 13. For those who don’t know me personally, I always take the number 11, or 1111 as a sign to make a wish – 11 is a very powerful angel number and my favourite. The number 13 I have tattooed on my left wrist, this is my lucky number. I realised from a young age that you do not get lucky by chance, you create your own luck. I decided that unlucky 13 would be my lucky number just to prove to myself that if I said it would be lucky it would, and guess what? It always has brought me luck. The number 44 I have tattooed on my right wrist. For me this number stands for equality, support and stability, I have it tattooed as a daily reminder of these things. Also in angel numbers the number 44 is a very strong indication of worthiness and inner wisdom. What are the chances that just as I am thinking to myself how connected I am these 3 numbers would appear on the road sign in front of me?

These are all seemingly small synchronicities, but when you open your heart and mind up to them and invite them in, you will see more and more of them every day. You ARE consciousness and you ARE the universe. The more they happen the more you will realise, this cannot just be a coincidence, this is something more, something bigger. A sign that you are on the correct path, a wink from the universe, a message from your higher self.

I know this kind of post isn’t for everybody and a lot of people will just think I’m nuts. But the first step in the right direction, the first step in creating your own luck or influencing ‘chance’ is to accept that it exists and that it is possible. Anybody who is around me long enough will admit that there is no explaining some of the stuff that happens to me by normal reasoning and I love that. Because as soon as they admit that there’s even the tiniest possibility that what happens to me is not regular coincidence, but something more, they have began to open up to it. This brings us to the next part.. Intuition. Which i will be posting about on Thursday.

TRUST, that everything in your life is in divine order and synchronicity. TRUST, all that you see is perfectly in line with you path and you are always in the perfect time and space. Be, think and act love.

Remember, you can either be on this upward spiral of connectivity and oneness – or you can be on the downward spiral, disconnected from your soul and your souls mission. The choice is yours, all you have to do is be positive and believe that it is possible.


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