Following on from my previous post about synchronicity…

Another part of synchronicity is intuition. Although they may seem like two separate phenomena, they are actually very closely connected. What you need to remember is that you ARE the universe, you are connected to everything and everyone. Your intuition is your life compass, your soul giving you a message to help you safely navigate your course through life. Listen to it.

Intuition is what guides us or sways us into making certain choices – like that feeling you get where you don’t know how you know something, but you just know! Your soul is sending  you a signal from within. Ever just been in the right place at the right time?  Your intuition is guiding you.

I have had so many things happen in my life thus far to get me where I am today, there is no doubt in my mind that the universe conspires to help the believer. The more you believe and recognise this, the more it will happen. It also works the opposite way, if you are depressed and disconnected from your soul, you will be on a downward spiral, you will receive more bad ‘luck’ or missed opportunities than positive ones. If you stay positive and believe that everything is working out to your greatest good, i assure you it will.

If you had of asked me when i was 16  years old if i believed in synchronicity, or souls, or chakras and spiritual practices i would have laughed and said absolutely not. But when i made the decision to leave Newcastle and live for me, to take chances and have no fear, that’s when i started experiencing these strange ‘coincidences’. Here are a few examples.

Ibiza to Dublin flow.

When i was in Ibiza for my first season, i had went around so many job interviews for different bars, as does everyone. One morning i just happened to be passing by Viva bar on the West end and there was a que of about 40 people outside and a sign on the door saying Open Interviews. I had planned on going to the internet cafe down the road to photocopy some more CV’s so i had one with me anyway, that was lucky! So i jumped in the que and had an interview with the Manager for Revolutions Bar, Kim. It went amazing, she told me she loved me and would definatley be calling me for the job. Over a week later she still hadn’t called, that little liar i thought. So i decided to take a job as a PR that i was offered elsewhere even though i didn’t really want to. I went out that night down the west end for my last wild night out before starting the unwanted PR job. So i’m walking down the west end with my friends and one of the staff from Revolutions bar comes over and jumps on me so excited ”Oh thank god kirsty we’ve been looking all over for you, we really wanted to hire you but we lost your CV with your number on so instead of hiring somebody else we have been looking for you every night, can you start tomorrow please?”.

If i had not of decided to go down the west end that night and been walking by at that exact moment, i would not have bumped in to her and got the job working in Revolutions where i went on to spend two summers! That on its own may seem quite small, but consider this… If i had not walked to the shop and happened to have a CV with me and THEN walked by some open interviews i didn’t know about, and had not walked down the west end and bumped into the manager of the bar that night after her losing my CV… i would not be here living in Dublin. As by working in that bar i was introduced to two of the PR’s Dylan & Lewis who were both Irish, they both introduced me to their massive group of friends all from Ireland who i clicked with straight away. During my first and second season it was these and more of the Irish lot who i would hang around with constantly, so at the end of my second season i flew to Dublin to be with all of my friends and live here. A year and a half later i am still here living in Dublin, and i couldn’t be happier. And by such a small ‘coincidence’ or ‘chance’.

 Mother daughter connection.

Now try explaining this one with science. A few years ago while i was living in Spain i had such a weird dream one night. I dreamt that i had woken up, went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, after brushing them i looked into the bathroom mirror about to wash my face and my full face was covered in these awful red swollen lumps/spots. So your thinking, ok whats weird about that, it was just a dream?

After waking up the first thing i did was called my Mam back home in England for a chat. ”What ya doing?” i asked. I nearly fell of the sofa when i heard her reply ”Nothing i’m fuming, i’ve been sat at the Walk in Centre all morning to see the Dr. I woke up this morning and when i went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and get washed i seen my face in the mirror and my full face is covered in a massive spotty rash.” My face turned white when she said it to me, i couldn’t even explain to her about my dream as my voice was shaking that much.

After conception, until your own heart is formed, you share a heartbeat with your mother until your own is strong enough to start beating. This creates such an intimate bond and a connection that cannot be put in to words. Somehow in my dreaming state, I was aware of what happened to my Mam that morning.

That’s my bike.

So this story is about a friend of mine Amiee, but i just loved it so much and it’s such a good example of how your intuition can guide you, i just had to share it.

She’s had this beautiful vintage bike for about 6 years now, it has a huge basket on the front and is totally unique there’s no mistaking it. Quite recently her bike was stolen when she left it locked up outside a shop. Of course she was devastated as she’d had this thing years but nothing could be done and a few weeks later she drove into town to go buy a new one. On her way back from the town, her new shiny bike in the back of her car, she decided to take a little detour from her usual route. For some reason (she still doesn’t know why she decided to do this), she drove a longer way home through some small streets she had never been down before. Half way down some totally random street she spotted her bike stood up against somebody’s garden fence! She jumped out, threw it in the back of her car and took off as fast as she could. Honestly this makes me laugh so much, i can just picture it.

Intuition leads to synchronicity.

Intuition works very much in the same was as synchronicity does, as in once you make a conscious decision to be open to it and to trust it, it will come. It is that unexplainable feeling you get on the inside, that leads to and manifests synchronicities on the outside. If you follow your intuition it will never lead you astray, this is your soul trying to communicate with your physical body to help guide you in the right direction. Your soul always knows what to do, you just have to quiet your mind and listen to it.

The more you follow your intuition, the more empowered you become, the happier you become and the more unstoppable you become.



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