I decided to start writing this post as i’m sitting out on my rooftop soaking up what is likely to be the most sun we see in Dublin all summer. It’s moments like this, the small seemingly meaningless ones, that actually give life meaning.

One of the best lessons i ever learnt, was to be grateful. Not just for the big things, but for the little daily things that make life a blessing.

Anyone can be grateful if they receive a big sum of money as a gift. What really changes lives is learning to be grateful for something as little as a cent. If your not grateful for finding a cent or a euro, what on earth makes you think you deserve more?

Learning to be grateful is one of the most powerful internal tools you will ever need. It changed my perception in such a massive way that it changed my full life. Now as soon as wake up in the morning within about a half hour i could tell you so many things i am already grateful for about the day so far.

For example – tomorrow when i get up for work, immediately i will be grateful that it’s Monday, my favorite day, it’s a new week & a fresh start. I will be grateful that the route i walk to get to work is down the canal and it’s so beautiful that time of morning. I will be grateful that on my way to work every morning i get to see the sunrise, which always takes my breath away. I will be grateful that i get to walk in while most people are still in bed and the only sounds out are nature, it’s so serene that early down the canal. I’ll be grateful that my work is only 4 kilometers away so i can actually walk in instead of having to get the bus (which i hate). I’ll be grateful that as i get to the bottom of my road every morning Andy the postman stops to have a chat and ask how i am, this always makes me smile! I’ll be grateful when i get to work that i have a job which i love, working with people who i really enjoy being around. All of these thing’s to be grateful for and that’s before 8:30am!

Do you get it yet? The big moments, like a promotion, a holiday, a great night out with friends, the moments that it’s easy to be grateful for. The big moments actually make up a very small portion of your life. What your life actually is, is all of the small  moments in between the big ones. The little things? The aren’t little. Don’t spend your life waiting for the big events, find things to be grateful for in every moment of your life and i assure you – the more you consciously make an effort to do this, the less you will have to try. Once you start, you will no longer have to stop and think what am i grateful for today? You will find yourself radiating endless gratitude and finding more and more things you are actually grateful for.

Why bother, why is this so important? It’s all about perception. Like i said, it is learning to be truly happy for what you already have and genuinely be thankful for it, which will make you appreciate everything in your life a lot more. And most of all, gratitude is a MAGNET for abundance. The more gratitude you feel, the more and more likely you are to attract bigger and better things to you. Being grateful for what you already have is the most powerful way to attract more of what you want. But we’ll leave the law of attraction for another day, today lets just be grateful.

Try this.

For the next 21 days, all you have to do is first thing in the morning when you wake up – take a few deep breaths and think of 5 things you are grateful for. Then when going to bed do the same, when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep, take a few deep breaths and think of 5 more things that you were grateful for today. That’s it. Just give it a try and in 21 days time see what it has done for you. Such a small thing can have such a big impact! And even if you don’t think this will make a difference, humor me. Do it anyway, it takes about a minute out of your day. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 


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