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Da Vinci Exhibition

So there’s a free Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition on at The National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin at the moment, i went down today and was not disappointed.

It’s completely free but you do have to get a ticket, just go onto the galleries website and register for a free ticket and pick a time slot. It’s only on until the 17th of June though so get in there fast!

They are showing 10 of Da Vinci’s drawings from The Royal Collection. I am personally a massive fan of his, his art of course but especially his works and research regarding anatomy and geometry. I actually have one of his most famous drawings ‘the  vitruvian man’ tattooed on the back of my hand.

I am fascinated with anatomy, i actually took it as a course in college and still find myself reading books and researching anatomy further. I later found an interest in sacred geometry, this interest grew the more i developed my spirituality – i now have countless sacred geometry tattoos. I have read A LOT of books on both of these subjects, and watched many documentaries etc. and one name that is mentioned every time due to his remarkable insight and contribution to both subjects – is Leonardo Da Vinci.

One of the drawings in the exhibition was a compilation of small diagrams and notes relating to his research on astronomy and geometry. In the center of the page, in his famous mirrored handwriting he tries to explain how the curvature of the earths atmosphere can make it act as a lens. A very wise and creative man well beyond his time.

He writes – ‘If you want to prove why the moon appears larger when it reaches the horizon, take a lens which is convex on one surface and concave on the other, and place the concave side next to the eye, and look at the object beyond the convex surface. By this means you will have produced an exact imitation of the atmosphere between the sphere of fire and that of water; for the atmosphere is concave on the side next to the earth and convex towards the fire.’

See a picture of the sketch below – i took the picture from a website to show here, the picture does no justice to the real thing. His pictures are all astonishingly detailed and on his own made paper, they really have stood the test of time very well.

a da vinci.jpg

Aside from the Da Vinci drawings, they also have at the end of the exhibition a collection of paintings from various artists, also borrowed for the exhibition from The Royal Collection.

If you do head down make sure to see the paintings by Paul Henry, Sir William Orpen & also Diego Velázquez. These particular artists work especially stood out to me and really captured my attention, if you go you will see why.

One painting you cannot miss, is the massive ‘Michelangelo Caravaggio – The Taking of a Christ’. I stood there in awe for i don’t even know how long in front of this piece. The painting depicts the moment Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. This picture awed me purely for the realism and the sheer size of the thing, a truly amazing piece.

To stand in the gallery surrounded by works of a man i have been inspired by and to see his anatomy and geometry drawings especially, was very humbling and thought provoking. His works have been a huge contribution to our history and are so fascinating that they are still being frivolously studied and unraveled today, over 500 years since his death.

Get yourself down to the gallery, it is such an experience to actually see these pieces in person and right in the city center. Don’t miss out!

Learning never exhausts the mind – Da Vinci



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