Taking Responsibility

It’s debilitating to even think about. When you look at your misfortunes, or your failures or any negative aspects of your life, it’s hard to own up to yourself and to admit they are all your own fault. It seems to shrink you to even think I’ve nobody to blame but myself for this. Because we don’t want to take responsibility for these things, we want to blame bad situations or bad circumstances on other people, or other events.


How liberating is it to look at all your achievements, all of your successes and all of the positive aspects of your life and say FOR THIS I HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT MYSELF! Yes, i created the opportunities that lead to these outcomes, i created these circumstances for myself and look how much i have accomplished! It’s very freeing.

My point is this..

It doesn’t matter what hand you get dealt, it’s how you play it that counts. Somebody else could take the same hand you were dealt and win with it.

When you take responsibility for ALL of your circumstances, the good and the bad, you can begin to create the life you do want. So go ahead and take responsibility, empower yourself.

There’s an old story about two boys who had a father who was an alcoholic. They grew into young men.

One son became an alcoholic. “What choice do I have?” he said. “My father is an alcoholic.”

The other son never touched a drop of alcohol. “How could I?” he said. “Look what it did to my father.”


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