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That last bit of Tummy Fat.

I’ve had a few people ask me about this one…

How do I get abs? How do i get rid of this tummy fat? How do i lose this last stubborn bit of fat under my naval that just wont go?

Well i’m sorry to break it to you but there is no magic solution for me to give you, it really is just cardio and most importantly strict dieting.

When i started trying to get fit and in shape, no matter how much exercise i was doing and how much weight i was losing i could not for the life of me seem to get rid of this little pouch of fat under my naval. I was so self conscious about it and really didn’t understand how after the rest of me was so in shape and at the perfect weight i still had this little flabby bit that just wouldn’t budge.

So what did i do? Newbie mistake, i started pumping out as many ab exercises as possible.

In order to see your abs you have to have a very low body fat percentage, no matter how many sit ups or ab exercises you do if you even have a small layer of fat over your abs you still wont be able to see them. So what i was unintentionally doing was strengthening my abdominal muscles (which were still not visible), and actually just pushing the layer of fat further out so it looked even worse than before!

After exhausting every exercise option i could think of i finally did my research and realised i was going to have to do the unimaginable and really clean up my diet.

I was already eating relatively healthy but in order to lose that last bit of belly fat and to show my abs i had to become a lot stricter with my eating habits. I know it’s not what everyone wants to hear but these detox teas, these articles with ‘how to lose belly fat’, they just don’t work. A few years later and now i know a lot more about nutrition and fitness from when i first started i can honestly tell you that if your struggling to lose that last bit of fat from your tummy or any other problem area – ITS YOUR DIET! If you see an article claiming to have an exercise to target tummy fat, that is not possible. After taking Anatomy & Physiology at college and really learning in depth about how the body works i’m sorry to say there is no exercise that can target fat in a specific area, that’s not how your body functions. You need to be doing cardio and eating right.

I’m going to put up a post on Saturday with my diet & nutrition tips that i used myself when trying to lose weight and an example of a meal plan.


2 thoughts on “That last bit of Tummy Fat.”

  1. Its sad how people think that they can spot reduce. I had an extremely overweight girl tell me she was going to do biceps curls to loose her arm flab. I told her she had to drop her body weight for that to happen. Didnt listen.


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