Bigger Better Booty Tips.

Ok so i’m just going to say it as it is. Who doesn’t want a bigger better booty, right?

Here are my personal favourite exercises & top tips for building the perfect glutes!

Incorporate a few of these exercises into your normal leg workout routine for a killer glute workout. Make sure to switch it up a bit so your not always doing the same exercises and remember when an exercise starts getting easier to perform ADD MORE WEIGHT.

I’m not a fan of glute isolation exercises i personally just use a lot of bigger compound movements with heavier weight that work the legs and glutes together, so here are my top picks.

Stepper Machine.

To accomplish the fitness goals i have set for myself at the moment i have no need for cardio and i am trying  to gain weight and not to lose any weight i really don’t have a place for it in my own workout routine. However when it’s time to shred back down those lbs before the summer and get lean again i will definitely be using the stepper. So this is for those of you who are trying to burn fat and include cardio in your workout, the stepper machine is an amazing one for working the legs and ass. To put more emphasis on your glutes and a little less emphasis on the quads really push down through your heals when on this machine.


Squats are undoubtedly the best compound movement for your lower body, when performing a squat you are using your quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and calves.

To put extra emphasis on your glutes when squatting – widen your stance. Try performing sumo squats. For a sumo squat, instead of your usual squat leg position widen your legs a step further out and instead of having the toes pointing forward turn them outwards. This really makes your glutes work extra hard so a great one to add in to your workout.

Bulgarian Split Squats.

My favourite is the Bulgarian split squat. It is not a difficult movement to perform once you get your balance, this took my a while – i tend to fall over A LOT. It only takes a bench and two dumbbells so very easy to set up for. Having the back leg elevated will really activate your glutes & recruit in all of those hard to hit muscle fibres – not only in your glutes but in your legs too.

Hip Thrusters.

My god do these burn! But sooo worth it. To really intensify your hip thrusters put a weight  plate across your stomach, or use a barbell like i do. I perform my hip thrusters towards the end of my workout to really finish off and feel the burn, usually for 4 sets of 10 reps. I always look so awkward while performing hip thrusters and i’m pretty sure i make the strangest facial expressions but who even cares as long as your ass is growing bigger and better?

Glute Kickbacks.

I always finish with these. After my leg and ass workout when i have worked all of my muscles and pushed out every last rep possible. Of course i don’t stop there, i add one more exercise! Usually because i do these at the very end and after my muscles are already exhausted i just perform them with an ankle weight on. However if you want to include these earlier on in your workout and make them more intense, try using a cable machine attached to your ankle, your glutes will be on fire i promise.

So that’s it, those are my top picks for booty building exercises and the ones i personally use most often. Give them a try and see if they work for you! 


13607844_10210317892765721_124426185_n.jpg  13607766_10210312374587770_1674897441_n.jpg


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