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Peanut Butter Protein Bar Recipe.

My gym is a good bit away from me and i always walk there and back. On a week day i actually walk to the gym straight from work and then after my workout i’ll walk home which takes me about 45 minutes (60+ minutes after leg day, oh the pain!). Of course after my work out i want to have my protein shake as soon as possible, which is kind of a problem as by the time i do some yoga after my workout some nights, by the time i shower etc and then walk all the way home it can be about 1hr 30 minutes by the time i get in.

I tried just taking my protein and shaker with milk in my bag  but as i am out all day before going to the gym it would be sour by the time i got to drink it after my work out. I tried using almond milk, coconut milk, UHT milk – basically any milk that didn’t need to be refrigerated and i really just couldn’t stomach any of them. So i tried mixing my protein with water instead so it wouldn’t go bad, i really don’t know how people do this i would gag after every mouth full. It HAS to be regular milk for me. Obviously it would be too expensive to just buy a bar from the machine in the gym every single day otherwise i would.

The solution?  Home made easy to bake protein bars. The bars take only 5-10 minutes to prepare, they have a massive 22g of protein per bar, and they are made from only a few healthy ingredients. Oh yeah, and they taste amazing!

These are so perfect for me i just stick two in my bag before i go to work and they keep no problem all day, so i can have one on my way to the gym and now i just have a bar and a banana on my way home from the gym. Sorted.


5 scoops of vanilla whey protein. (can use chocolate if you have more of a sweet tooth)

400g of uncooked oats.

1/2 a cup of organic peanut butter ( i prefer meridian or my protein brands )

1 can of coconut cream.


There’s really nothing to it to be honest.

Mix together the whey and coconut cream until no lumps.

Add them into a large bowl along with the oats and peanut butter and mix everything together.

Line a baking dish with baking paper and add the mixture. Squash it all down until its flat and packed in tight and put the dish in the fridge over night.

When you take the dish out in the morning cut into 12 bars.

If you cut into 12 bars, each bar will have 22g protein, 22g fat, 29g carbs & 380 calories !

Be creative and see what you can add in to these, i like to keep mine nice and simple but if you wanted to try something else you could try adding chocolate chips, hazelnuts, mashed banana, walnut pieces or raw cacao powder. Let me know if you do try them i’d love to know what you tried and what you thought of them.

protein bars.jpg



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