Relieving Muscle Soreness.

I woke up through the night last week to go to the toilet and my legs were so sore from leg day training that i literally had to slither down the stairs to make it to the bathroom.

The next day at work i didn’t even stand up from my chair once, i scooted and swivelled around the office all day on my office chair trying to avoid standing up and getting that tight pain in my hamstrings i always get when sitting at my desk in the days following leg training.

All i could thing is how in Gods name i was going to make my legs function again before my deadlifting session.

Luckily i have a few sure fire tried and tested ways to ease the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness.


The most effective way i have found to relax and ease muscle pain after a workout is magnesium spray. You can get Mg in tablet or spray form, i personally prefer the spray as you can apply directly onto the area and it is very soothing. You can buy this from most places, i get mine in Holland & Barrett’s for about €10. Try out the one that has lavender extract in and spray it on just before bed, so relaxing.

Magnesium is a very important nutrient and is good to help with high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, muscle cramps, headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps – among many other things.

Tiger Balm.

When i lived in Ibiza a friend of mine gave me a jar of tiger balm he had picked up on his travels to Asia. Luckily due to it’s popularity you can now pick this up in most holistic shops for about €15. Rub a small amount onto the area where your muscle aches and instantly you will feel a cool, refreshing tingling sensation. Within only a few minutes the muscle will feel relaxed and any soreness will have eased off.

There are many other uses for Tiger Balm so it’s a great one to keep around. Due to it’s strong menthol smell it is great to use as a nasal decongestant or for colds, i always suffer from blocked sinuses and after rubbing Tiger Balm on my chest or even inhaling some from the tub it can instantly unblock them. I have also found that if i am suffering from severe migraines i can rub a small amount of tiger balm onto my temples to ease the pain, the tingly cool sensation really helps!

Epsom Salt Bath.

Epsom salts are actually a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. I explained above the amazing benefits magnesium has on your muscles and body. So combined with Sulfate which helps improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins, and help ease migraine headaches, it is even better. You can buy epsom salts from most places, holistic stores or boots starting at around €5.

The magnesium spray like i recommended above is great to spray directly on before bed if you are rushed for time or need a bit of a quick relief. However there is nothing quite like a long soak in a nice hot Epsom salt bath to really relax and take away any muscle soreness after a workout. The magnesium and sulfate are absorbed by the skin whilst in the bath and combined with the heat it is just perfectdepositphotos_4283965-stock-illustration-relax-time-sexy-woman-taking.


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