Make it work for you.

The one thing that’s been playing on my mind about prepping for my competition is the thought of having to introduce cardio into my work out. Not only introduce it, but smash it so i can get lean lean lean.

I can’t even remember the last time i did any cardio and the thought of having to start was already playing on my mind. I love lifting weights and being at the gym, it’s the favorite part of my day. So what i was worrying about was that if i’m doing cardio in the gym every day (which i hate), am i going to start hating my workout and dreading going to the gym? The thought of that was really not okay to me, one of my reasons for competing is that i enjoy this lifestyle and working out so much already so i want to push myself further and see what i can do, not push myself to a point where i don’t enjoy it any more.

It really is all about your mind set. I want to enjoy every minute of my prep no matter how hard it gets or if i have a bad week, no matter what happens i want to enjoy each and every minute of this.

So after racking my brains i remembered i had an old pair of roller-blades in my wardrobe from last summer. YES! I love roller-skating. And that’s what it’s all about, making it work for you. I realized i don’t have to be in the gym doing a cardio class, or on the treadmill. I could be out rollerskating in the sunshine having a great time and burning even MORE calories than i would in the gym.

Skating is actually one of the most intense and effective types of cardio you can do burning between 400-700 calories an  hour. This is an amazing lower body workout, for your legs your glutes and your core, AND ITS SO FUN!

Once again…. i’m winning at life. Let the prep begin.

13705305_10210408811758639_485813126_n.jpg   13706344_10210408836919268_2119259109_n.jpg

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