When feathers appear..

… angels are near.

Feathers are sent to us by our angels.

This is their way of guiding and communicating with us. A feather that comes to us in a strange way or happens to blow onto our path is manifested by our angels in the ethereal realm and then transferred into our third dimension for us to receive them. A gift. A sign.

The most common feathers sent by angels are white ones. A white feather means your angels are reminding you to keep the faith, they are there and they are supporting and guiding you every day. A white feather can also be them sending you a message from a loved one who has passed. If i come across a white feather i take it home and add it into the feathers on my dream catcher using a piece of wire or thread. Some people like to keep them in their sacred meditation space, or even just in a small safe trinket box.

A few days ago i came across a beautiful black feather, it blew right into my path onto my foot as i was walking home from the gym. If ever your angels send you a black feather this one does not belong in  your dream catcher. A black feather should be placed on your windowsill or beside your bed, it is a reminder from your angels that you always have their protection, have no fear or doubt.

If ever your angels do send you a feather, try to remember what exactly you were thinking about the moment they sent it to you. The feather could be the answer to a question you were thinking about, it could be encouragement from your angels, they could be helping to guide you in the right direction and remind you they are with you always. Once you have received the message from your angels make sure to thank them. A simple thought of gratitude and love is enough.

Every one of us each have two angels that we are connected to at ALL times. They are always guiding you, you just have to ask. The thing is we do have free will, so your angels will guide you but they will not interfere without your permission. If ever you need guidance, or protection, or the answer to a question… or even if you just need comfort and want your angels close. Just ask them for help, ask them for safety, ask them for a clear sign and believe that you will receive one and i promise you will. Every time.

Love and Light.

feathers Appear 111-1000x1000

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