Raising my vibration with Intentions

The way you spend the first hour of your day is said to set the tone for how the rest of your day will go. I am a very big believer in this and that is why i spend the first part of my day trying to raise my vibration, clear my thoughts and set daily intentions.

Over my next few posts i’m going to tell you some great quick and easy ways to raise your vibration first thing in the morning, to help you get the most from your day.


The first thing i do when i wake up every morning as soon as i open my eyes is to set my intentions for the day. It really does something special to your focus and your motivation to set yourself daily goals and expectations from yourself, and by saying it out loud to yourself first thing when you wake up you are CREATING your day with your words and your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be anything long winded or massive, something nice and simple. Even a few positive affirmations will do. Here is an example of mine –

Today my intention is… i want to be happy, i want to be positive, i want to be healthy, i want to be safe, i want to be productive, i want to be motivated, i want to be disciplined, i want to be focused, i want to succeed in anything i focus on, i want to make good choices, i want to be energetic, i want to live from my heart, i want to be compassionate towards others and be helpful in any way that i can, i want to create and see opportunities that benefit me, and i want to have the courage to take these opportunities so i can grow and be successful.

Those are just my intentions, but it doesn’t have to be like that you can have some more goal specific intentions such as… today i want to finish my college assignments, i want to study for my exam, today i want to hit a new personal best in the gym, today i want to be more social.

Make sure you are clear about your intentions and make sure you say in in such a way that there is no mistaking it. Today I WANT to be successful.

Anything you want from the day, will it into being as soon as you wake up. Don’t wait to see what will happen, create your day from the minute you wake up. Open  your eyes and tell the universe – THIS IS WHAT I WANT FROM TODAY, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME ON THE PATH WITH LEAST RESISTANCE.

Check back in a few days for my next post with another way to raise your vibration in the morning.


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