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Open your Heart Chakra.

What do you do when your having a tough few months? When you keep getting more bad news one after another? For me the main thing is trying to keep myself centered, grounded and focused. To not allow myself to get pulled into a downward spiral. Rather to focus on the positive in every situation, even the bad ones. Focus on all of the things i am blessed with and grateful for and make sure i am forever in an upward spiral. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of life and our day to day busy schedules that our mind gets flustered and our thoughts become crowded and we start to lose control.

This is when it is important to take a step back from your busy schedule. Spend some time doing something you love, and clear your mind. For me my favorite way to do this is by practicing yoga.

Doing yoga anywhere is always amazing. But doing yoga outside in the sun really is beautiful, there’s no better way to recharge and re balance your chakras. This week i have decided to take some extra time to  focus on my back bend poses, and really open up my heart chakra.

Instead of just doing the poses, try this..

Do your yoga outside today. When doing a back bend that focuses on opening your heart chakra (i have listed some below) really focus with each inhale and exhale on relaxing deeper into the pose, with each breath push your chest out further and further, just gently. Whilst you are doing this and relaxing into the pose feel the sunlight beaming down on your face and onto your chest, push your chest out to meet the sunlight and visualize the sunlight, white light and energy pouring down directly into the opening in your chest where your heart chakra is. Visualize and feel it re charging and re energizing this space in your chest as you physically feel the sun shine down on you.

Visualization = Manifestation.

Visualizing your chakra being re charged as you perform these specific poses really makes all the difference! Give it a try, and remember to let me know how it goes. Here are my favorite yoga poses for the heart chakra below. Any questions or recommendations of your own feel free to drop a message. Love & Light.

yoga 1.pngyoga 2.pngyoga 3.png

yoga 4.pngyoga 5.pngyoga 6.png

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