Split Leg Routine – Quad Day.

Since i started my competition prep I’ve been trying to train legs as much as possible. In order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time i have started training legs 4 days a week. I really don’t know how i’m walking right now (ironic because i have broken toes as i write this so i’m actually not walking right now).

So as to be able to train legs this many times a week and still leave enough time for muscle recovery in between workouts i am doing quad focused leg days & hamstring focused leg days. My workout schedule looks like this –

Monday – Quads / Abs

Tuesday – Upperbody

Wednesday – Hamstrings/Glutes

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Quads / Abs

Saturday – Upperbody

Sunday – Hamstrings/Glutes

… & so on.

Now for full details of how to get the most out of your leg workouts and make the most progress see my older workout posts (either scroll down to see them or else click the ‘fitness’ tab). I’m not going to repeat all of this info again in relation to progressive overload etc so please also see the old posts. This post is just an updated and newer leg workout which i have found is working really well for me and i have been noticing a massive difference in size since i started this so thought i’d share with you. I do get a lot of people asking about my leg routine, and especially my glute workouts. So i wanted to keep you updated with new exercises etc so you can try them too.

Quad Routine  – 

Deep Squats – 4 Sets 15 Reps – You know the drill, ass to grass ! Get them squats lowwwww and make sure your pushing your ass back.

Leg Press – 4 sets 15 Reps – Go real slow on these to really get that burn.

Hack Squat – 4 Sets 15 Reps – Use a narrow stance feet pointing forward to really stress the quads here.

Front Squats –  4 Sets 15 Reps – I use barbell only for these so i can really concentrate on my form as these are one of the more difficult exercises for me, i also use a cross grip which i find a bit more comfortable.

Single Leg Press – 4 sets 15 Reps each leg.

Lunges – 4 Sets 20 reps – I find using a barbell as opposed to Dumbbells really helps with my balance when doing lunges.

Leg Extensions – For this last exercise i start on a weight were i can do about 15 reps max. I’ll do those 15 reps, and immediately lower the weight down one plate and carry on until i can’t even push one more rep out at that weight. And then i will lower one more plate and push out as many more reps as possible to failure, again and again until i am on the lowest weight and i can’t possibly even do one more rep !

And that’s a wrap. This is such an intense leg routine i literally have to crawl home from the gym afterwards and straight into an epsom salt bath. Since my quad workout is the most demanding and intense one, i always do my quad workout the day after my rest day so i have the most energy to push through it. Give it a try and see if these exercises work for you.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or drop me a message. Also if you do try this workout routine don’t forget to let me know what you think. I’ll post the glute/hamstring workout routine later on this week for you also.

Don’t forget for more tips etc on how to get the best from these workouts and exercises see my older posts under the fitness category. & if you need help and don’t know what these exercises are there is a great website which shows videos on how to do each exercise, i have attached the link below. Good luck!

a legs.jpg

7 Weeks out from Competition time. I might have broken toes but i’m trying my best to carry on with my prep and praying for the best.

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