Food for Thought. Literally.

This past 2 months i’ve been cutting on a very low carb diet. My calories haven’t been to low as i didn’t have an awful lot to lose, i was aiming for 1lb a week.

In order to burn 1lb a week you need to burn 3500 more calories than you consume. With intense workouts 6 days a week & no cheat meals the body fat was disappearing no problem. I had my measurements taken and i had been losing weight on target and at the same time i had gained some muscle weight (miraculous, i know). So far so good for me!

But of course losing body fat whilst gaining muscle and training insane was never going to last long. The past two weeks i just seemed to hit a massive plateau with my diet and training. I felt so low on energy, so drained. My workouts were suffering so much i felt like they were pointless, i dragging myself to the gym and before even starting the workout i felt tired so my workouts were no where near the level i know i am capable of.

Another thing is i was getting such bad food cravings. Even before starting this diet i am a very healthy eater, i always eat clean, plant based foods. I don’t eat anything processed / refined and i keep everything as healthy and locally sourced as possible. The only unhealthy thing i ever usually want is a chocolate frappe from starbucks, apart from that no unhealthy food interested me. Until now! From eating such a low carb diet for so long my body was craving carbs so bad, and not the good carbs. I wanted chocolate, pizza, chips, anything unhealthy i wanted it. All i could think or talk about all day was food! Not good at all, i was feeling so miserable. Because of all of this i also had zero motivation to write for my blog.

On the Friday evening i felt so drained coming out from work i thought there is no way i’m going to be able to train quads like this. I had a snickers chocolate protein bar (which definitely did not fit my macros or my calories) in hopes it would give me a bit of quick energy for the gym and satisfy my cravings. Well of course it did neither of these things, it made me feel even worse than i did before and now i was pissed that i had broke my diet for a chocolate bar!

Then somebody advised me to have a ‘re feed’. To purposely heighten my carb intake for one day to replenish glycogen levels and get my energy back. Now i know me taking somebody else’s advice might come as a shock, i’m very stubborn. However this person has previously given me very good advice and.. well… i was starving and miserable and i wanted carbs.

Low and behold after having 200g rice with my protein meatballs for lunch i was like a new woman. Absolutely flew around the gym had my best workout in a few weeks. My mood improved so much and i felt like i finally had my energy back. It’s crazy to think how much carbs can effect you mentally and physically.

To me it seemed to be counter productive to up my carb intake for a day. It seems like such a small think but after dieting whilst training so intense for so long even the thought of setting myself back a tiny bit with one day of carbs seemed like something i was just not willing to do. Little did i know what a good thing this would be. Since having a re feed on Saturday i feel like my mood and training and everything are back to what they were. Positive and productive again! So one day of carbs was totally worth it to be able to get my head re focused and feel energetic again so that i can get some serious work outs in this week.


Welcoming Autumn.

I love autumn, it has always been my favourite time of year. Today in the northern hemisphere we have the autumnal equinox. Today day and night are the same length of time and the sun and moon are in perfect balance.

Major moments like the equinox and change of seasons will always be reflected in ourselves. We are one big living organism. By taking a look at the outer world and the shifts that are happening around us we can also learn a lot about our own journey at this time.

So what does the autumnal equinox and the coming months mean, for us?

”the trees are getting ready to shed their leaves and let go of all the old”

Well, it couldn’t be clearer than that could it? Now is the time to let go of the old, release anything that no longer serves you, release any emotional baggage, release any negative vibrations, let go of any negative thought patterns, ANYTHING that no longer serves you.

Write it down on a piece of paper. ASK the angels to help you release it. Then burn it outside under tonight’s equinox moon and feel that weight being lifted off from you as you let go and let God.

But remember this is a culmination of energies and patterns that have been playing out and building up over a very long time. They won’t be gone in one night. What you are doing is setting the intention that you want to let go, you want to be free, you want to release these things. Now in the coming days listen. Let your spirit guides do what they do best and GUIDE you on your path to inner peace and transformation.

Your angels will always guide you on the right path. They always know which way is best. They ALWAYS have your best interests and they want this for you more than you can ever imagine. All you have to do is ask, then listen. Listen to what they are telling you to do next.

Maybe it will be a feeling you get. Maybe an unexplained ‘meaningful coincidence’. Maybe they will send you an angel feather. Maybe you will have a dream. Or maybe something will just come to you and you will just KNOW what is next. Whatever way your angels communicate with you (it is different for everyone) just trust them, and have the courage to take the steps.

Transformation is a beautiful thing. Just like the trees shedding the leaves and the beauty of autumn- there is nothing more beautiful than you shedding anything that does not bring you peace in order to transform in to who you really are. A being of light.

Many blessings.


To be human.

Coincidences do not exist.

Nothing happens by chance.

Life is a string of seemingly complex synchronicities leading us from one experience to another.

These ‘meaningful coincidences’ are a wink from the universe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

That all is well.

& although now you cannot see how the different phases & events in your life are connected..

One day you will look back with the deepest smile in your heart when everything finally comes together and you realise why it all happened, what it all meant, and what you were being prepared for.

& until that day, stop trying to figure it out, just laugh at the madness, the good, the bad, all of it..

because this is why we are here, to experience what it is to be beautifully human.

The good and the bad.


Protein Pancakes

After trying a protein pancake mix for the first time last week i couldn’t wait to try out a few home recipes at the weekend and try and make my own from scratch.

I don’t eat flour, butter or sugar so regular pancakes are out of the question. Oh and don’t forget regular pancakes are an absolute carb fest!

I tried out a few different recipes at the weekend. I’m not going to lie i was a bit sceptical at first of how much these ingredients could actually taste like real pancakes. I was actually very surprised after a few failed recipe attempts to find one that tasted and looked very ‘pancake like’.

Well, ill let you be the judge!

Per pancake – 240 kcal,  22g carbs,  3g fat,  35g protein


  • ½ cup old fashioned oats
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • ½ cup cottage cheese
  • coconut oil (optional)

I know.. cottage cheese in pancakes? I promise they are so good and so easy to make.


I’d hardly call it a method to be fair. Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth and pour into a non stick frying pan. Cook on a medium heat until the bottom is brown and then flip over and cook the other side until brown. I actually like to cook mine with a small teaspoon of coconut oil in the pan but that is optional.

That’s it, enjoy. Let me know what you think of them & feel free to comment with any suggestions of your own.



Enter the void.

Where once was a void,
Now there is a universe.
Universe around me,
Universe within me .
I entered the void,
Explored my inner daemons.

The last thing i expected,
Was that when facing my own darkness,
I was also faced with my own true light.
How bright, oh how bright.

Enlightenment, you tricked me.
& how grateful i am.


Poem by me – Enter the void.

Split Leg Routine – Part 2

So i posted a few days ago the first quad day of my split leg workout routine. I’m glad everyone seemed to like the post and i had a lot of messages and positive feedback from people who were giving it a try. I promised i’d follow up with my Hamstrings/Glute workout so here it is.

Hamstrings / Glutes.

Low Box Squats – 4 sets 15 Reps – Try going a few inches below parallel to really get the most from this exercise.

Sumo Squats – 4 sets 15 Reps – Remember to really squeeze the glutes at the top.

Staggered Deadlifts – 2 sets of 15 reps each leg. 4 Sets in total. Stagger your dead lift stance by about 2-3 inches. Really put your weight on that back foot to isolate the glute more.

Romanian Deadlifts – 4 Sets 15 Reps – Go really slow on these and really focus on pushing the hips back and feeling that pull on the hamstrings.

Pull Throughs – 4 Sets 15 Reps – Make sure to really squeeze your glutes at the top of the exercise.

Barbell Hip Thrusters – 4 Sets 15 Reps – These are my absolute favourite for working the glutes, if you find a barbell uncomfortable you can use a weight plate or dumbbell instead. At the top of the movement really squeeze your glutes together and pause there for about 2 seconds before lowering back down.

Glute Kickbacks – 4 Sets of 15 reps each leg. 8 Sets Total. – I personally use a cable attached to my ankle to add extra weight to this but if this is too much for you try using an ankle weight at first. A great way to really finish of those glute muscles and feel the burn!

This is a very intense high volume workout but i have been getting massive results and have noticed a lot of difference in my legs/glutes since i have been training on a split leg day and since using this workout. I am not a personal trainer, i am just sharing with you my own workout for you to try if you like. Don’t forget everybody is different so experiment with a few exercises / rep ranges and find what works best for you.

For tips on getting the most from your workout routine and how to put together your own, see my older posts in the fitness category.

If you are unsure what any of the exercises are i have attached a link below to a great website where you will find a video and description of each exercise and how to perform it correctly.

Don’t forget to let me know if you try it, and feel free to drop me a message.



New Moon Manifestation.

Everyone knows i am fascinated by astrology. I don’t read my horoscope i’m not really into that but i am always very aware of the moon phases and of any significant planetary alignments/movements.

I always tend to get very low on energy around the time of the full moon, but when it comes to the time of the new moon i always feel a burst of energy and very positive and productive.

It can work one way or the other, my energy tends to work like yin yang to the moon. When the moon is full and the moon energy is heightened, mine is the opposite. However some peoples energy works along with the moon so when the moon is full their energy will also be at its fullest.

My favourite thing about a new moon is NEW MOON NEW INTENTIONS. A full moon is for letting go of what no longer serves you & a new moon is for new beginnings, new intentions and manifestation.

This is the perfect time to set some new intentions. Set them for the coming month, or set them long term, either way the new moon is the best time to harness this type of energy and manifest your wishes!

Write down on a slip of paper your intentions for the coming month. Make them specific and make them confident. Use terms like I WILL, or I WANT.

After writing them down try holding the slip of paper in your hands while you meditate on them, focus your energy and your intention on the slip of paper and what you have wrote whilst harnessing the power of the new moon.

After this put them away in a safe place, maybe a trinket box or if you have a sacred space. Remember, if you want to manifest something you write it down and keep it, along with the new moon. If you want to let go of something, you write it down and burn it, along with the full moon.

It’s a new moon tonight so lets all write down some good intentions, ask the universe for what we want, BELIEVE that we are already receiving it from the minute we have asked, and then be ready to receive.

Love and Light. x