New Moon Manifestation.

Everyone knows i am fascinated by astrology. I don’t read my horoscope i’m not really into that but i am always very aware of the moon phases and of any significant planetary alignments/movements.

I always tend to get very low on energy around the time of the full moon, but when it comes to the time of the new moon i always feel a burst of energy and very positive and productive.

It can work one way or the other, my energy tends to work like yin yang to the moon. When the moon is full and the moon energy is heightened, mine is the opposite. However some peoples energy works along with the moon so when the moon is full their energy will also be at its fullest.

My favourite thing about a new moon is NEW MOON NEW INTENTIONS. A full moon is for letting go of what no longer serves you & a new moon is for new beginnings, new intentions and manifestation.

This is the perfect time to set some new intentions. Set them for the coming month, or set them long term, either way the new moon is the best time to harness this type of energy and manifest your wishes!

Write down on a slip of paper your intentions for the coming month. Make them specific and make them confident. Use terms like I WILL, or I WANT.

After writing them down try holding the slip of paper in your hands while you meditate on them, focus your energy and your intention on the slip of paper and what you have wrote whilst harnessing the power of the new moon.

After this put them away in a safe place, maybe a trinket box or if you have a sacred space. Remember, if you want to manifest something you write it down and keep it, along with the new moon. If you want to let go of something, you write it down and burn it, along with the full moon.

It’s a new moon tonight so lets all write down some good intentions, ask the universe for what we want, BELIEVE that we are already receiving it from the minute we have asked, and then be ready to receive.

Love and Light. x


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