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Blowfish Feels.

I’m at that point in during my bulk where I feel like Kirsty the Blowfish. I started this bulk at the end of the summer and made a lot of progress and have put on 17lbs in total since then. Especially since the beginning of January when I started my new training regimen I have been seeing some massive changes.

I only have a another 3kgs to go until I reach my goal weight so as you can imagine I’m feeling pretty fluffy right now with all of this extra weight I’m not used to. For what I’m sure was the first time in my life I actually wore a full length vest to the gym this week. Anybody who knows me will know I live in a crop top. All I keep trying to remind myself is how worth it this is going to be when I cut back down and get to see what’s underneath this. I know for a fact my legs and glutes especially are sooo much thicker than they were before and even with the body fat over them from bulking they are already very noticeable. It’s so tempting just to end this bulk now and get those lean feels back but right now I’m just focusing on that end goal.

One thing I was definitely not expecting from this was to have to go out and buy new clothes. My ass is barely fitting into my jeans right now so I’ve had to resort to wearing leggings 24/7, I don’t want to go out and buy new jeans as I know that I’m going to be cutting back down shortly so I have no idea what my end size is going to be. Aside from the jean situation I did have to go out and buy all new bras, they were practically bursting at the seams. Now this one isn’t exactly a complaint. Actually, boobs are not something that I was blessed with so its quite nice to have some for a change., but as all the chicas reading this will know decent bras are bloody expensive. I’ll be sad to say bye to the boobies when it’s time to cut. I definitely won’t be sad to say goodbye to the hamster cheeks look I’m rocking right now.

All in all though I’m still feeling great about my progress and my look right now. Even though I’m having a moan about hamster cheeks and having practically zero abs I also know that I’m still pretty lean, I’m just not used to seeing myself with this much body fat so my mind is still getting used to it. Only a few more weeks to go now.



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