First Bulk – Final Check In.

I’m more than happy to be writing that this is the last post update about my bulk. As of Sunday the bulk was officially over. When i started i was 51kgs and on Sunday when i finished i was 61.5kgs, in total i have gained 23lbs. My body fat is currently at 15% and even though i have no visible abs right now and can’t fit into any of my jeans i’m really happy and excited about the progress i have made this past few months, it was definitely worth it.

I have really managed to build my legs & glutes so much this past few months and also have been working more on my upper body strength and size as my shoulders and triceps have always been my weak point. I have noticed a massive difference in my legs and also i can feel my arms are a lot harder and fuller than last year as last year i had zero shoulders and my triceps were non existent. I’m really looking forward to cutting and seeing whats underneath and how my arms especially are going to look. For me i always hold most of my body fat on my arms/triceps area so it’s a lot harder to know how they are going to look when i cut down but i’m feeling confident and can definitely feel the difference.

Aside from the size i have also really improved my strength over this past few months which i am loving. I decided to end my bulk now and go back down to maintenance calories for just a few weeks to try and keep my strength up and lean out a bit.

I’ve got to that stage where i have been really struggling to finish my calories every day. I never thought i’d be saying this but this past few weeks i have been so sick of eating that i didn’t want to eat at all. Trying to cram in all of those healthy calories every day for the past few months is really a lot harder than i thought it would be, my appetite has totally gone. Even going back down to maintenance right now is hard for me, i don’t feel like eating at all so even eating less calories feels to much for me. Right now i’m thinking i can’t wait to cut so that i don’t have to eat as much. But check back in when i’m cutting and i’m 100% sure i’ll regret saying this and will be saying the exact opposite.

So that’s my first bulk over with and after a rocky start and lots of complaining about eating i managed to get on track and made some serious progress. Now time to get them shreds back in time for the summer. Will of course be blogging my progress during my cut, be prepared for lots of blogging about being tired, hungry and emotional.



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