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2 weeks in.

So I started my cut two weeks ago but haven’t really had a chance to blog anything about it yet I’ve been busy with starting my new job and training. Finally have a few spare hours today to get up to scratch with my blog and a few other things.

When my bulk ended I lowered my calories down to maintenance level for one week. After that I lowered them down another 200 calories just to see how I’d get on. I kept my intake of protein exactly the same and took away 200 calories worth of carbs each day. My macros are currently 40% protein 30% carbs & 30% fat. This worked out really well for me, the past two weeks I have kept my calories at this same level and have started walking home from the gym instead of getting the bus to add in some LISS cardio. Doing this I have lost 1lb a week for the past two weeks so this is right on target for me.

I don’t want to undo all of the work I have been putting in over the past few months to build my muscle so I’m aiming to lose 1lb a week steadily throughout my cut. At the moment I am on track so there’s no need to reduce my calories any further as of yet, if/when I hit a plateau with my weight loss I will then adjust my training and/or calories as necessary.

Training wise I am doing the exact same workouts I have been doing since January. The routines and exercises I have been doing during my bulk have been working really well for me so I don’t see any reason to change these just because I am cutting now. Since I will be in a caloric deficit I am not expecting to increase my weights at the same rate as when bulking but I am going to use this next few weeks to really work on and improve my form and mobility in all areas.

So far I am feeling a lot more energised than I felt during the last few weeks of my bulk and really motivated, now just need to try and keep myself in this headspace I’m in and keep the ball rolling. So far so good but I’m only 2 weeks in, for me it usually comes week 4 or 5 when the mood swings and the tantrums start. Eyes on the prize though, feeling more motivated than ever.

Happy Sunday. Love and Light.


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