4 weeks in.

4 Weeks into my cut and 5.5lbs down. So far my energy levels are still quite high and i haven’t really had any cravings.. YET.

This past week i have definitely noticed a lot of changes in my body. My arms, abs and legs are noticibly leaner and most of all my chubby bulking cheeks have gone.
I still have a long way to go on this cut and i know that it’s the next few weeks that are going to be the toughest but so far i’m feeling really good about it and a lot more
confident than i was last year while cutting.

This time last year i was in a very bad place mentally and i really think that had a massive effect on me while cutting, i was very self conscious and had no confidence in myself and found it very overwhelming when dieting. I think it’s important in this sport when bulking and cutting to make sure your mind is in the right place before pushing your body to extremes. It took a long time for me to realize i would never be happy with my results or the way my body looked until i was happy on the inside first and foremost.

Thankfully this year i am in a much better place, i have made a lot of changes in my life over the past few months and have people in my life who are very supportive and help keep me motivated, it really does make all the difference.

On saturday i decided it was time for a cheat meal, 4 weeks in i felt like a deserved one. My reward for no cheats the past 4 weeks was a Mcdonalds frappe, fries and quadrouple cheeseburger and it tasted sooooo good. Once is enough though, i don’t want to sabotage myself after i have been doing so well and pig out big time. If i do start getting cravings and wanting to pig out all i have to do is take a look at my progress pictures so far and i’m sure that will be enough to keep me focused.

As i have started leaning out a bit i can notice such a difference compared to this time last year. Especially in my arms. One of the main things for me during my bulk was to work on my arms a lot as i really hated them and felt like they were my worst feature.
Last year i had no shape in them at all and that has always been the area that i carry most of my body fat. So even during my bulk even though i could see my arms getting bigger and i could kind of see the shape there underneath i was so paranoid throughout my bulk that they were just getting fatter and weren’t going to have much shape. Since i have started leaning out a bit my arms are already looking so much better and it has made me feel a lot more confident in myself so i can’t wait to see how my body is going look. It’s been a long time but my abs are STARTING to make an appearance again.

Right now i am still on 2000 calories a day, sticking to 4 workouts a week and one or two yoga sessions. Plus i have been walking everywhere possible to get in some enjoyable LISS cardio. The bodyfat seems to be melting off me right now so i’m not going to change anything in my diet and training until necessary if/when my weight loss stalls. Of course i will be blogging and keep you updated.

Happy Easter everyone. Love and Light.1 ME 123.jpg

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