Rest, recovery & re-feeds.

The past few weeks I have been writing about how so far on my cut I have been feeling great, full of energy, the weight is dropping fast and no cravings at all.

Going with a low carb diet and being in a caloric defect whilst still training to a high intensity & also walking everywhere as much as possible it was bound to hit me eventually. This past week my energy levels just seemed to drop massively and it really hit me hard. I looked like shit and felt like shit and started to get really bad knots and cramps in my muscles. I actually bumped into one of my friends in the gym last Sunday and he asked me if i was sick and told me i looked like shit (thanks pal).

I decided to listen to my body and since I wasn’t prepping for a competition and since so far I have been losing weight faster than anticipated that I would take it easy a bit this week and get my body back to normality and feeling good again and then back on the grind.

 I didn’t go all mad of course as everyone knows that wouldn’t be like me as i really do enjoy my training and healthy lifestyle. So what I did was for 3 of my workout days I decided to put my calories up an extra 200 cals worth of carbs. So in total for the full week I was having an extra 600 calories worth of carbs as to what I have previously been having during my cut. I also had a ‘cheat meal’ in eddie rockets, even with that i didn’t go nuts though i had a lovely chicken fajita wrap and some sweet potato fries which was more than enough and still not exactly unhealthy.

I wasn’t expecting to have lost any weight when i checked the scales after a few days but i was surprised to see i had still managed to lose half a pound even after putting my calories up. Those extra calories and some catch ups with friends and chats was really all i needed to feel back to myself and get my energy levels back up and smiling again. I definitely made the right choice by taking that week a little bit easy to recover and get back my energy before continuing my cut. I don’t see the point in letting myself get overworked and underfed when the whole reason i am doing this is to enjoy it and to look AND FEEL the best that i can. I learnt my lesson from last year that it doesn’t matter how good shape i am in if i am not feeling right on the inside and mentally.  

Like i said after that little recovery period i got straight back into it as usual this week and am feeling a million times better. Training is going really well and i finally managed to improve & increase my rows which i was only complaining last week that i had been stuck on them for a while. I know whilst being in a caloric deficit progress is a lot slower but man these rows were really p***ing me off. So i was absolutely delighted when i went into the gym with a clear head and renewed energy yesterday and smashed through that plateau.

11111111111111111 me.jpg


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