Yayy so my holidays from work start tomorrow. My Dads coming over from Spain to stay with me for a few days, i can’t wait to just chill and go on an adventure around Ireland and eat loads of food.

I decided that while i’m off work and my Dads here i’m going to have a bit of a diet break so i can enjoy myself without having to worry about counting macros etc when i’m going out for meals. I’m not going to go on a mad one and binge as i don’t wanna undo all of my hard work so far so still gonna keep an eye on my calories and make sure i don’t go overboard, but definitely not going to be counting all of my macros or being as strict as i usually am. It’s all about finding balance. Balance between eating healthy and also enjoying foods you like. Balance between the gym and knowing when to rest. Balance between being strict and disciplined and also allowing yourself some leeway to enjoy yourself.

Instead of cutting weight i’m just gonna be focusing on maintaining my current shape/weight over the next few days whilst enjoying myself and spending some much needed quality time with my Dad.

Now pass me a burger !


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