Diet break.

If you read my last post you will know i planned on taking a 4 day break from dieting and the gym while i was on holidays from work for a few days while my Dad visiting me.

My plan was to try and keep on track with maintenance calories instead of in a defecit, but not worry so much about them or my macros so that i could go out and enjoy my meals without having to put to much thought into it.

It’s hard to count your calories when eating out for every meal but when you have been weighing your meals and counting macros for so long it gets easier to ‘eyeball’ your meals and get a general idea of how many calories are on your plate. So this is pretty much what i did for 4 days.

I’m sure i wen’t over my maintenance calories but i didn’t go overboard and totally pig out. However all in all the moto of my weekend was definitely ‘treat yo-self’. Burgers upon burgers upon burgers is all i’m sayin’.

The diet i have been using for cutting is mostly very low carbs, apart from a few higher carb days but even then my carbs are still quite low. Last weekend i ate ALL THE CARBS and have absolutely no regrets because they were amazing.

One thing which i was anticipating about being on a low carb diet and then suddenly eating so many carbs is that for every 1 gram of carbs we digest, our body will store 4 grams of water. So going from feeling like a lean bean to feeling extra fluffy was anticipated but still not welcome. I didn’t worry about that though as like i said i knew that this would happen and i also am aware that a lot of this ‘feeling fluffy’ was a mental thing because i knew i hadn’t been eating clean for a few days i was extra picky.

Tuesday morning i was straight back on track to my regular diet and workouts and i was feeling great. I very rarely take time out from the gym or counting macros so it was nice to have just a few days without that. But thats just it, it was nice FOR A FEW DAYS. Tuesday morning i was ready to rock n roll and dying to get back in the gym and meal prep.

I weighed myself on Thursday before my diet break and weighed myself on Tuesday after and all in all i only gained 4lbs, i was expecting more because of all the carbs i was eating so i was happy with only 4lbs. Most of this will just be water retention so it will only take me a few days to even things back out.

So was it worth taking a 4 day diet break? Absolutely! It was so nice to just enjoy myself without worrying about macros etc for a few days and we had some really amazing and not so healthy food. It won’t take me long to shift the water retention and get my weight back to what it was and to be honest it’s Friday when i’m writing this and my body looks just as lean as it did last week before my diet break and i have already dropped 2 of those 4lbs so no harm done. I also felt extra strong in the gym after a break and carbs and smashed two new PBs. Also my mood is definitely a lot better after a few days break mentally. All round goodness!

This just shows that you can still stay on track and lose weight whilst enjoying yourself. Yes the gym is very important and i for one revolve my life around my gym and eating habits, however what is also important is enjoying yourself and taking care of yourself and learning to allow yourself little breaks now and again. I have always been extremely hard on myself so this kind of thing is definitely a learning curve for me but i have to say i am enjoying the whole self care thing, i have noticed that since i stopped being so hard on myself and started allowing myself a little leeway now and again i have actually started getting better results.

I guess this is what it feels like to have balance.


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