Walking for weightloss.

Since starting my cut my weight training has stayed exactly the same. I am still training 4 days a week and with the same amount of volume as i was when bulking.

I am still on a decent amount of calories at 2000 cals a day and as of yet have saw no need to reduce my calories any further.

In total during my cut i have done 3 sessions of HIIT cardio and that was only because i was pushed for time and wanted to get some very quick cardio in.

So how have i been adapting my diet & training to push past fat loss plateues and continuing to lose over 1lb a week? Walking more.

I think a lot of people are under the impression that if your not absolutely dripping in sweat and out of breath then your not burning fat. However walking is a form of LISS cardio and an underrated one at that.

I am a big hater of cardio in the gym i just can’t motivate myself to do it i get so bored and especially after lifting weights i can’t bring myself to do even 10 minutes on the treadmill or stepper. So for my cardio? I walk to the gym, i walk home from the gym, i walk to the train station for work instead of getting the bus & i do the same on the way home. All in all i walk about 15km a day. This is the only form of cardio i do, if i need more cardio in i just walk more.

When it’s winter and i am bulking and it’s freezing out i will definitely be getting the bus again but right now it’s summer and i am trying to burn fat so walking everywhere instead of getting the bus is definitely working for me and it is actually enjoyable and pleasant. It saves me a fortune in busfares, i don’t feel all sweaty and worn out after and i don’t have to take extra time out of my day to do it, infact if you live in Dublin like me you will know its actually faster to walk than get the bus in the mornings with all of that traffic! I also find that by walking to the dart to get to work in the morning instead of getting the bus i actually arrive at work in a much better mood amd feeling really good, it’s such a great way to start the day.

Now if your very overweight or have a lot of fat to lose you might want to opt for a more intensive form of cardio, but it won’t hurt you to add in some walking as well. For me personally who already has a lower bodyfat and is trying to get leaner, walking along with a caloric deficit and regular weight training sessions has been more than enough for me to lose between 1-2lbs a week. I guess i’m just trying to show that switching the bus for a walk, or walking the longer route home really does make a difference. Plus it’s great to have time to listen to music and podcasts whilst walking and getting some fresh air right?



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