I’ve had people asking me what supplements i use for cutting weight so i thought i would write a new blog post about it. (A few of these supplements I actually use most of the time)

These are the supplements that i personally am using at the moment to fit my dietary needs and fitness goals, which of course can be different for everyone. So just because i am using them doesn’t mean you should go out and buy all of the same ones, do a little research first and see which ones also fit your needs.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that supplements are exactly that.. SUPPLEMENTS! Your not going to magically get lean or magically gain muscle or magically correct an unhealthy diet. What they are there for is to SUPPLEMENT an already healthy lifestyle and on point training regime. Always always always make sure your training and diet are up to scratch before going out and buying supplements otherwise your just wasting your money.

Supplements i am taking for cutting are listed below, this is just a very brief overview and reasons why i take these supplements.. i strongly recommend anyone reading to do their own research on each and every supplement before taking them to see if it is suitable for their needs.

1. CLA

– Assists in fat burning and muscle retention, lowers insulin resistance, drives glucose more effectively into the muscle.

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid

– More effective carbohydrate metabolism and helps remove toxins from the body.


– Increase protein synthesis and aid in muscle retention.

4. L Glutamine

– Increase protein synthesis, aid in muscle retention and to quickly restore glutamine levels after intense exercise.

5. Taurine

– Helps with hydration -> muscles retain more water -> muscles look fuller

6. Chromium Picolinate

– Enhances glucose uptake and insulin efficiency within the body resulting in more regulated blood sugar levels. Increased energy and fat burning.

7. Potassium

– Gotta replace those electrolytes when your drinking a few gallons of water ever day.

8. Cod liver oil

– Antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties which help aid in recovery after exercise.

9. Multivitamin

– I always take an all rounder, just in case i am missing anything!

10. Probiotics

I feel like this one goes without saying. Gotta look after that gut health ! The past few years people are starting to wake up and realise more and more that diet effects EVERYTHING. 90% of our serotonin is produced in the digestive tract. Lack of serotonin is one of the most common known contributions towards depression. By looking after your gut health you are actually looking after your all over physical & mental health as well. So take your probiotics and eat your fermented foods ok?


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