My birthday is coming up this week & i’ve been trying to decide what i want to do for it. I don’t like making a big deal and lets face it i’ve had some pretty wild birthdays in the past, so this year for the big 25 i decided that i wanted just some ME time – after all this year has been all about self care and self discovery.

I thought about a Spa day to relax and get a nice massage and a few treatments but when i was over in Spain last week me and my Dad went to the Spa over there and got a lovely Thai massage. They also had really cool hydrotherapy showers, ice plunge pool, jets and the usual steam room / sauna so we made good use of all of those. Since only just going to the Spa i then wanted to think of something different to do for my birthday but still focusing on ME time & self care.

I then thought maybe i could go to a yoga retreat or something like that for the weekend but it didn’t really make much sense as i have an unlimited membership at a yoga practice which i can go to anyway and they have really amazing teachers and classes. So going away to a yoga retreat for a day or two wouldn’t really be anything special.

A few other things crossed my mind to do but then all of a sudden it came to me. FLOATING!

I have been wanting to try floatation therapy for a really long time but it can be quite costly and with that expensive bodybuilding hobby of mine, along with yoga, tuition fees & life, floating was put on the back burner. So i decided to treat myself for my birthday and book in for my first of three floats.

For anyone who doesn’t know a float tank is just another name for a sensory deprivation tank. Basically you climb in to a huge sound proof pod/tank filled with body temperature water and loaded with epsom salts, you close the lid so that your in the dark and silent and then you lay back and float. Your deprived of any visuals and any sound and because the water is body temperature when you are floating you are also deprived of any tactile stimulation, inside the tank there’s no oudor so as long as you keep your mouth shut you are deprived of all senses.

Sounds a little scary right?

Just you and your thoughts.

Just think, even when you are meditating, your mind brain is still subconsciously taking in and processing a lot of things such as the floor you are sitting on, the temperature of the room, a breeze, the feeling of your clothes, your sitting position. So even though you can reach a point in meditation where you do not consciously take notice of these things your brain is always subconsciously taking them in. In a sensory deprivation tank you have nothing at all to distract your mind. There’s no other way for you to experience this except in a float tank and i can’t even begin to imagine how exciting and wonderful it must be just to be present with your consciousness during that time. I’m really looking forward to it and even though the thoughts of climbing into a big tank of water and closing the lid is terrifying to me (fear of water i’m only just learning to overcome) it is something i am willing to do in order to have this chance to really explore and get to know my own consciousness better so that i can grow and become a better and stronger person.

Of course i will keep you all updated on how it goes and make sure to keep an eye on my story for my video logs.

Love and Light x



Love & Light.

”You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”


Listen to your body.

I spend a lot of time lifting weights and working out. For a long time I wanted to spend every minute I had spare in the gym working out and I started to neglect all of the other things that contribute towards a good weightlifting session and good overall fitness.

I got to a point where I was working out 6 days a week, not giving my body time to rest and rebuild, not giving my muscles time to recover and not getting good quality sleep. Even though I was only having one rest day a week I hated it I didn’t want a rest today I wanted to be in the gym working on my body. If I knew I only had 90 minutes to spend in the gym I didn’t want to waste time stretching or working on mobility I wanted to spend that full time lifting weights, so I would have a quick 2 minute stretch before each workout and that’s all. My workouts were getting longer and longer and I was doing more and more sessions and less and less of the other stuff.. the ‘boring’ stuff AKA. the IMPORTANT stuff.

That was last year and since then I have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt to really listen to my body and work with it instead of against it. I got so caught up for a while in what other people were doing and started to lose sight of what works for me. It’s easy when you spend so much time on social media to see how these beautiful people are training and you want to look like that so you start to train like that to. Seeing somebody posting their training routines, training splits, how often they train, their macros etc and thinking well if it works for her/him it will work for me. This is so far from the truth and I learnt the hard way.

When I started to realise this for myself and realise how my health was being affected and how unhappy I was I made a lot of big changes to my eating and training. I now weight train 4 days a week and I actually really enjoy my rest days now instead of worrying that I shouldn’t be resting and should be in the gym. I have also reduced my weightlifting sessions to 60 minutes max.

Since cutting back on the weight sessions I have been using the extra time I have to work on my mobility & flexibility. I do yoga at least twice a week which really helps with my flexibility and I also make sure to get a good long stretch in before each workout. I bought a foam roller and some resistance bands and make sure to spend a good amount of time each week rolling out those tight areas and doing mobility exercises at home. I also now know when it’s time to REST. I’m all about pushing my limits and going all out in the gym and working my ass off, but now I know when to listen to my body and skip the gym and go for a walk or yoga instead. Sometimes that is exactly what we need. In the past this would have never been an option for me, now I can easily do this without feeling guilty like I used to.

It’s amazing what our bodies can do when we just listen to them. In my head I thought if I trained less days a week and cut down the amount of exercises I was doing per workout FOR SURE this must mean I would not make progress / lose gains / jump up weights slower and I was so wrong. Since training less days a week and working more on getting enough rest, working on my flexibility and mobility etc I have made sooooo much more progress than I was ever making before. I am making serious progress whilst still being happy with my training, getting a good sleep in and managing to actually have a life outside of the gym. I am getting so much stronger and all of the strength goals I had set myself this year I have smashed and surpassed more than I could have imagined. My cut went really well this time round even with a few diet breaks along the way and I am delighted with the result.

I guess what I am trying to say is just listen to your body. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. We are all unique so we all need to train according to our own needs and who knows your body better than yourself? It’s fantastic to get training tips and ideas off instagram/facebook or off friends but what works for one person might not necessarily be for you so just remember that. Also I hate to say it but a lot of what we see on social media is just not the reality of it, so try not to get to wrapped up in ‘well if she trains like this and she’s in amazing shape then I’m going to train like that too’.

Do your research, experiment a bit, listen to your body & TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Love and Light x