Nadi Shodhana : Alternate nostril breathing.

Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath. There are many different pranayama techniques but the one I want to share with you today is a very simple practice called Nadi Shodhana used to calm and settle the mind & body, restore balance, clear blockages, deactivate our fight our flight response and improve focus.

This is a short and easy practice that is suitable any time any place. I personally use this technique first thing in the morning before starting the day to bring clarity and focus and to balance my energy. I also use it last thing every night before bed to clear any blockages that might have started to form during the day, to shake off any stress and to calm and relax my mind and body ready for a peaceful sleep.

The technique is easy enough to follow so I hope I can explain it well enough..

1. Start by holding your right hand with the palm over the centre of your face (with the palm of your hand over your nose) and your middle & index fingers resting between your brows.

2. Keeping those two fingers between your brows now place your thumb on one nostril and your ring finger over your other nostril and just rest them there gently.


3. Now clamp the ring finger down over your nostril completely blocking one side and through the opposite open nostril take a deep inhale.

4. At the top of the inhale you now clamp the thumb down as well so that both nostrils are blocked and hold for one second.

5. Now release the ring finger off your nostril (keep the thumb clamped down on the other one) and exhale fully through the unblocked nostril.

6. Now immediately breath back in through same unblocked nostril (ring finger side), and repeat the steps back to front.

So basically breath in through the right nostril, hold, breath out through the left nostril, breath in through the left nostril, hold, breath out through the right nostril, breath in through the right nostril, hold, out through the left nostril. Repeat repeat repeat.

I hope i explained this well enough it’s actually so simple but sounds a little complicated when I’m trying to explain it in words. It is such an effective technique and by controlling the breath you are controlling the prana (life force energy) within you. You don’t need to practice this for excessive amounts of time for it to be effective, even 1-2 minutes at a time would be more than sufficient. I like to do a quick 2 minutes in the morning and a quick 2 minutes before bed. What better way to start the day than with some conscious breathing with the intention of balance and harmony within the body and mind?

I hope this technique serves you as well as it has served me I’d love to hear from anyone who decides to try it so feel free to comment or send me a message.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Highest blessings.

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