Starting Over. 1 week in.

Over the past few months i have really been struggling with pain in my joints. It has been really tough going and has really been wearing me down but i finally feel like i am making a little bit of progress.

I have been waiting for an appointment to see a rheumatologist at the public hospital for 4 months so far and have no idea how much longer i could be waiting, could be 2 months, could be 10. So after finding out from somebody in work that i could go private on my insurance i went straight down to my Dr’s and got him to send off a referral for a private consultant which means i could have an appointment within the next 8 weeks. I then explained to my Dr that the arthritis medication he has had me on doesn’t seem to be helping any at all and he gave me two different pain medications to try out to make the pain a bit more bearable until i find out what’s going on. Anyway the new medications do seem to be helping a lot and i have managed to get in a few pretty good workouts at the gym so i’m really over the moon with that.

I also have been getting  a lot of support and help from my friends & also my colleagues in work which is really nice and has made the world of difference to know i have so many people so willing to help me. It’s a very overwhelming feeling to receive so much genuine concern and support from people who haven’t even been in my life for that long. There are some really wonderful and kindhearted people out there and i’m lucky enough to have so many of them in my life right now.

Now that i have a medication that is helping the pain i really want to get back focused fully on my training and nutrition as it has took a back seat this past few months. Luckily again i have amazing friends willing to help me & support me with my training and goals.

I sat down and decided on what my goals will be in relation to my training and body composition over the next few months. There will be a lot of changes to the method of training compared to what i’m used to, but it’s necessary to adjust so that i can train and minimize the stress on my joints at the same time. This is a totally new approach i’m trying but i have a lot of faith in this training style and i can’t wait to get started.

The physique goals i set for myself this time will be to definitely grow my quads & shoulders some more, & also to get that little bit leaner than i managed to get last time around. I want to get slightly more definition on my legs and arms than i have had before and just push for that little bit extra. Strength wise i really just want to get my strength back up to what it was before i started experiencing this joint pain. Max has a few tricks up his sleeve on how to get me there and i’m going to give it everything i’ve got so i’m really excited to see how my body composition changes over this next few months. Watch this space!

Starting Weight / Measurements – 15.01.2018 – 

Weight – 131lbs.  Waist – 28.5 inches.

End of Week 1 Weight / Measurements 21.01.2018 – 

Weight 127.8 lbs. Waist 28.5 inches.





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