My life feels so up and down recently, like a rollercoaster that just won’t end. When it’s good, it’s oh so good, but that anxiety in my stomach and sense of something’s about to change is always right. My intuition is so strong and always serves me well. This past few weeks have been a series of huge and unexpected changes in my life, some for better, some for worse, here I am just riding the wave and seeing where I end up. This time two weeks ago my life was in a very different place. I guess one thing that life has taught me is that God is always on my side, so not to fear change because his plan is always greater than I could ever imagine.

It’s so important when things get a little crazy to take time out and reconnect with yourself, find some balance, and reflect. To sit with your thoughts & emotions, the good and the bad ones. Yesterday was a day filled with prayer, yoga, massage, reiki & floating, I woke up this morning feeling so peaceful inside. For somebody who has suffered with anxiety disorders throughout my life I can honestly say inner peace is not something I usually experience or genuinely feel. I guess we have to go through these changes, endure the rain, and really process and accept it, before we can come to a place of calm and loving kindness towards everyone. A place of understanding and forgiveness.

Life is so hard sometimes, and we’re all just doing the best that we can, even if sometimes our best isn’t good enough. So forgive the ones who hurt you, forgive yourself for allowing it, and in the midst of your pain and suffering, God will lead you to the light. Every time.



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