Reiki Cleanse – Day 7.

For my 21 day reiki cleanse i decided to focus on clearing and balancing my chakras. Starting from the root chakra on day one and working my way up through them, one a day for 7 days. I will repeat this cycle 3x over to bring it to 21 days.

I have just finished my first week which means that each one of my chakras has had it’s very own reiki session dedicated to it. Today is day 8 which means i will be starting the cycle all over again, but first i’m going to talk you through week 1.

Day 1 – Muladhara – Root Chakra.

Affirmation used – I am safe. I started off this reiki session with 6 minutes directly focused on my root chakra, as well channelling the reiki energy into my chakra i used visualisations of white light flowing into the swirling wheel of red to heal and balance the energies. I then let my intuition guide me to where my energetic body needed the most care and spent a further 18 minutes working on various areas of the head and neck. I finished off with a final 3 minutes back on my root chakra and this time visualised my chakra as a red flower opening up to let the healing light in.

Day 2 – Svadhishthana – Sacral Chakra.

Affirmation used – I am enough. I started this session by directing the reiki energy directly into my sacral Chakra. Again i complimented the reiki energy with a visualisation, this time of healing white light flowing into the orange chakra centre. 3 minutes to start off with and then again my intuition guided me to the head, neck and upper back. I moved back and forth between the head and my sacral chakra twice over until i had completed 21 minutes in total, 9 of those minutes directly working on the chakra. For the last 3 minutes i visualised my chakra as being a bright orange flower opening up to welcome the reiki energy and healing light.

Day 3 – Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Affirmation used – I am strong and courageous. As soon as i started this session i could feel a lot of very dense energy around the chakra centre. I worked on the chakra centre directly for 6 minutes whilst also visualising healing light entering the yellow spinning wheel of energy. The yellow i could see in my minds eye was murky and reflected the dense energy i could feel while scanning the area, so i focused on clearing and brightening the energy using the reiki and healing lights. I worked for 6 minutes on the head after this, but only briefly, then returned to chakra for the final 3 minutes again while visualising the bright yellow flower opening up at the end. Notice a pattern here? I think visualising the chakra as a flower accepting the light is such a beautiful way to finish off any visualisation or reiki cleanse focused on chakras, maybe try it out and see if this works for you?

Day 4 – Anahata – Heart Chakra

Affirmation – Love is the purpose of my life. I have always had a very open heart chakra so straight away the energies felt clear here and the green energy centre was flowing nicely. I still started off with 3 minutes directly on the heart chakra and then my intuition guided me back down to the root chakra for 6 minutes. I then let the reiki work on my elbows and hips for 6 minutes each as my arthritis was really playing up and bothering me, but after the reiki on them the pain was definitely alleviated and i was focused more on what was good, rather than the pain itself. To finish off i went back to the heart chakra, using the same visualisation to finish off – the green flower opening up.

Day 5 – Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Affirmation – I speak my own truth. Ahhh the throat chakra, i have done a lot of work on my throat chakra in recent years and it is something i am only now bringing in to balance, i still have a lot of work to do but i am definitely on my way. Speaking my truth or voicing my needs has always been difficult for me, i was taught at a young age to just keep quiet and although i always knew the truth, i often got in trouble for speaking it. As a result of this i suppressed my throat chakra and it took a massive shift in my life and a lot of inner child healing for me to finally learn to love my Vishuddha energy centre and my own voice. I worked between this chakra and areas of my head and neck, using the same types of visualisations as before.

Day 6 – Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Affirmation – I trust my intuition. Since becoming attuned to reiki i have definitely felt more in touch with my intuition and spirit guides. I have had a very strong connection for the past 4 years but my reiki journey gave my intuitive abilities that extra boost and reconnected me on a very soul level. I felt a deep gratitude for this while working on my third eye chakra and could see both my energy centre and my third eye very clearly during this session. I used the same visualisations as previous and worked directly over the third eye chakra and on various other parts of the head and neck.

Day 7 – Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

Affirmation – I am one with all there is. As above with the Ajna Chakra, my reiki journey really reconnected me with the divine and my crown chakra. Life is a journey of remembering and forgetting who we are and even though my connection is becoming ever stronger, there are still moments where i drift or forget who i am. Working with reiki energy and the angels really helped to remind me that we are all one, we are source, we are god, we are love. Using the same visualisations as before and letting my intuition guide me, i started on my crown chakra and then went through a full body reiki session. This was such a relaxing session for me, i became so relaxed and peaceful that i took an hour nap directly after!

Overall all the first week of my reiki cleanse has been amazing. Working with each chakra at a time and having between 15-24 minutes a day of reiki has really boosted my mood and my attitude whilst simultaneously lowering my stress levels and most importantly – my pain levels ! I have been having a bit of a flare up with my arthritis at the moment so couldn’t possibly think of a better time to be doing this cleanse, this week has helped me so much with reducing the pain in my joints and neck that who knows, after the 21 day cleanse i might just carry on and let this become a part of my daily routine. Sitting down for just a few minutes a day with the intention to heal is really life changing, i am forever grateful for the gift of reiki.


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