I’m so late writing this post, it was almost 6 weeks ago now we went and did Archery and we are planning to go again some time very soon.

We were away for Easter weekend at Carton House hotel in Maynooth and were looking through the brochure of activities the hotel gave us and were trying to pick one. We were thinking about booking in at the Golf range on site at the hotel, when in Rome, but i remembered doing Archery as a child in first school and having the most amazing time. Our class went on a weekend trip to High Borrans in the lake district (any Northern English child will remember this place) and one activity over the weekend was archery, along with orienteering, canoeing, bouldering and other fun stuff. My super competitive streak came out and i ended up winning most of the awards over the weekend, from then on my school teachers called me mighty mouse (proud moment). Out of all the activities that weekend i very vividly remember the Archery competitions and how much fun we had, so i chose Archery for our day out at Carton House as well.

We booked in for Archery at Abbeyfield farm and equestrian Centre in Kildare for only 30 euros each & it was worth every penny ! It was so sunny out we picked the perfect day for it & we were the only two people booked in at that time for archery so we had the place to ourselves. The guy who met us & talked us through everything was so sound, he would watch us shooting an arrow and give us little tips or tweaks to help us make improvements. Then once he decided we were getting the hang of it and making some good shots he left us to our own devices for a while and just let us keep going and practicing. It was so much fun and we were much better at it than I expected us to be.

After a while of us practicing he came back and got a few competitions going between me and Stuey which really added to the whole thing and got us hyped up and laughing. One of the competitions was to hit the balloons he had pinned to your target before the other person hit theirs. Another one was to try and get one arrow in each colour/circle before the other person did. The last one was to see who could get the most points in 60 seconds.

As soon as we left we were already saying let’s book in to come back very soon, we both thoroughly enjoyed it & for 30 euros each it was definitely worth the price. We’ll go back again to do archery next time & then maybe the time after that we will try the clay pigeon shooting as that also looked super fun. Basically… take my money we will be back.. a lot !

This would be such a great day out for friends, couples, families, team building, basically for everyone. Let me know if you go and try it out or if you have been before.

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