21 Days of Mantra

Join me, soul family, for a 21 day immersion in to ancient mantra and spiritual development.

Starting on 16th August, every day at 6pm BST we will have a live mantra practice. I will teach you some powerful life changing mantras, the meaning behind them and the correct way to use them. The live mantra practices will be recorded so that you can access them if you are unable to make the live that’s no problem.

We will practice mantras to manifest, to heal, to remove obstacles, to awaken our masculine and feminine energies, to release old traumas, patterns and beliefs and so much more.

We will also practice some breathwork, some meditations and some ancient kriyas that will work closely with the mantras we are using to take us deeper in to these powerful healing states.

Throughout the program I will also give you real tools, techniques and methods that you can use to dive deeper in to your soul work and spiritual development.

This is an opportunity for deep healing and spiritual transformation.

We will also have some beautiful Kirtan practice (singing mantra). Kirtan is a devotional practice that opens the heart to pure love and the divine. I have amazing guests lined up to join us in this spiritual 21 day sadhana, it will be truly beautiful.

Lets come together to connect with and awaken our inner divinity, as one.

Link below to get access. DISCOUNTED TICKETS currently on sale – places are limited for early bird.

21 Days of Mantra

Online – Daily at 6pm BST in our private group. All will be recorded and recordings will be live for 48 hours.