Starting Monday 13th September at 7:30pm BST. Every week for 7 weeks.

Live 7 Week Chakra Restoration Program – ONLINE

This program will start on Monday 13th September at 7:30pm and will run at the same time every Monday for seven weeks.

Unhealed and out of balance Chakras can cause – fear, insecurities, shame, unhealthy relationships, reproductive issues, digestive issues, fear of change, rigidity, dysfunction, inner child wounds, the mother wound, the father wound, feelings of unworthiness, repeated negative patterns, unhealed traumas, feeling stuck, lack of boundaries, no personal power, addiction, low motivation, lack of discipline, lack of belief in oneself, lack of self trust, not feeling grounded, lack of connection to the earth, feeling disconnected, unprocessed anger, trust issues, unable to speak your truth, communication issues and so much more.

During this seven week program you will..
– Learn the shadow/dark aspects of each chakra.
– Learn the light aspects of each chakra.
– Identify which of your own chakras are over active or under active & why.
– Learn how to identify your triggers.
– Learn what triggers actually are and where they come from.
– Learn holistic tools to get to the root of your triggers & deal with them in a healthy way.
– Work on healing traumas, self limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, negative self talk & blockers.
– Work on healing the shadow aspects of all seven chakras.
– Balance and restore all seven chakras to their natural light energetic state.
– Work on charging all chakras.

After this seven weeks you will have a deep understanding of each chakra and how you can work with clearing and balancing each one. This program will allow you to step in to your next level self and take a huge step on your healing journey. Clearing and releasing old traumas and patterns and stepping in to that high level energy that you will be creating during the program.

This seven weeks will be very transformative, providing you with the space, the support & the tools for powerful and deep healing and growth.
We will use a range of kundalini & tantra yoga techniques & meditations. This course is suitable for everyone who wants to heal, grow and transmute darkness in to light. Beginners are very welcome, no experience necessary.

As an extra added JUICY BONUS, for signing up within the next 24 hours, you will also RECEIVE —->

LIFETIME ACCESS to these recordings, and to my pre recorded programs – 5 WEEK CHAKRA ACTIVATION PROGRAM, and 21 DAY MANTRA SADHANA… So you are getting three transformative programs for the price of one !

PLUS – The next 3 people who enrol will get a BONUS 1-2-1 Private Healing Session with me.

No refunds given, so please make sure you are confident and ready to commit before purchasing any programs or packages.

7 Week Chakra Restoration – EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT