This 8 week journey will be an opportunity for deep soul work and expansive spiritual transformation.


If you are feeling called to take your soul work to the next level, to really dive deep in to what is holding you back and free yourself from old patterns, traumas and beliefs.. then I am calling you in to join me. Not only will we work on healing those old wounds, we will move forwards in to LOVE, ABUNDANCE, DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY, FREEDOM AND JOY. This program will allow you to really step in to and embody your next level self, your Goddess self.

Imagine this for a moment…

  • Understanding each of your chakras and how to work with them.
  • Unblocking & healing your chakras.
  • Understanding and rewiring your old traumas, patterns and beliefs.
  • Releasing and letting go of stuck emotions and experiences and tension.
  • Finding your inner power, purpose and passion.
  • Connecting with and finding your powerful voice.
  • Setting boundaries & actually asking for what you want!
  • Opening your third eye, connecting with your higher self and receiving powerful downloads.
  • Stepping into and truly being your EMPOWERED GODDESS self.
  • Being connected to your divine source of ABUNDANCE, and creating that vibration so you can RECEIVE everything you are MANIFESTING.

So I have one question for you…. ARE YOU READY?

If the answer is HELL YESS !! Then I am calling you in to join me on this 8 week journey.

Each week at 7:30pm BST we will have a live group session. The session will be recorded and you will have full access.

Payment instalment option is below, as well as option to pay in full. If you need a payment plan that breaks it down further in to smaller payments, just send me an email on wellness@kirstyolive.com and we can arrange.

Instalment Option

Pay one instalment now of 222, second payment of 222 due by 1st week of September.


Pay in Full