About Me.

KirstyLeigh- 26 years in this life.

Qualified Personal Trainer.

Reiki Healer & Meditation Teacher.


Customer Support Team Leader in Financial / Merchant Services.

Born in Newcastle England. Lived in Ibiza / Spain for two years. Now living in my forever home – Dublin – where i have been for the past 5 years.

Deeply in Love with all of Gods creation.

On the path of devotion.

Enjoy – Hiking, Writing, Meditating, Reading Angel Cards, Reading, Being in Nature, Spiritual Practice, Animals, Wakeboarding, Weightlifting, Healthy Eating, Self Care, Self Development, Fitness, Learning, Natural / Plant medicine.

Diagnosed with, but managing and overcoming – Psoriatic arthritis in all joints / Autoimmunity. Neuropathic Pain. Kicked Cancers butt in 2018/19 and got the all clear in early 19.

Diagnosed back in 2015 with C-PTSD, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, disassociation. I used to suffer with several panic attacks a day, suffered with agoraphobia for a while & suffered daily with disassociation. That was until through a mixture of prayer, meditation, CBT, Ayahuasca, pure will and determination, i overcame my mental health issues. I haven’t had a single panic attack in over 2 years now and i have no fear of them coming back, those demons have been slayed.

The purpose of this blog is to share these things and experiences with you in the hopes of inspiring, motivating and connecting with you.

Love and Light x


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