My 7 Month Online Program


– BELIEVE Method –

Boundaries, Educate, Love, Intuition, Empower, Victory, Enjoy.

Next intake is 3rd May, applications close on 25th April. Places are extremely limited!

My seven month pain to purpose program is centred around the BELIEVE method. The believe method is an integrative process of healing & nourishing mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing. It is a process of true transformation and deep soul work. It is a process of healing your womb, your divine feminine energy & your relationship with self. (you do not need to have a physical womb)

Empowering spiritual women to take back their POWER, find their PASSION and live with PURPOSE.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with C-PTSD, panic disorder, and dissociative disorder. In 2017 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a chronic pain auto-immune condition. In 2018 I was diagnosed with neuropathy and skin cancer. Not to mention being a manager in a job that I absolutely despised. In 2021 I am healthier, happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. 

I overcame all odds, I tuned in to my own intuition and divine inner guidance, I educated myself and became empowered. I took back my HEALTH, my mental, physical & spiritual health. I put my diseases in to remission WITHOUT external advice, to the complete surprise of my Drs. Through this reclamation of power I found the truest and most authentic version of myself, the unstoppable version. I left my corporate job (even when everyone around me was telling me I was crazy to leave such a secure and well paying job), I started my own business with not one single euro to my name & now here I am today, not only owning one successful business but TWO! Built from the ground up with hard work and determination. I am in a happy, healthy and stable relationship (something I never thought was possible after past narcissistic abusive relationships). I am telling you my story because I want you to KNOW that it is possible, I want you to BELIEVE you can ACHIEIVE it. I am living proof.

My program can help YOU – >

Reclaim your power, manage your energy.

Take back your power, find your passion and live a life of purpose.

Master your manifestation & abundance mindset.

Heal your womb & relationship with self.

Reclaim your health – mental, physical & spiritual.

Awaken your divine feminine Goddess energy.

Transform your life & level UP.

Menstrual cycle awareness, connection & optimisation.

Coaching for women’s health (PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility, IVF, PMS & more)

My pain to purpose coaching program is a fully integrative approach to healing and wellness. Not only do I teach you proven tools and methods, I also guide you through them. Each step of the program works with not only the mind, but the body & spiritual self. Yes i teach strategies, methods & tools, but I also teach you how to connect with your body, how to connect with your feminine energy, how to heal somatically. Working with traumas, womb energy & womb healing, boundaries, energy management, confidence, secrets of manifesting, money mindset, shame, emotions trapped in the body, how to work with your emotions, women’s wellness (menstrual cycle awareness & optimisation, menopause, PCOS, PMS, fertility etc), movement medicine, trauma and the nervous system, pleasure, reclamation of self, the mother & father wounds, chakra healing & soooo much more !

What will you get in this program?

For the duration of the program I am LIVE on ZOOM four days a week… yes that’s right. You get to pick and choose what resonates with you most in that moment, what topics you would like to join and what day’s / times suit you. You can jump in and join any ZOOM meeting you choose and the selection is amazing ! Each day I give new tools, new methods, new spiritual practices, new healing modalities, new knowledge, tantra, kundalini, strategies, mindset coaching, hot seat coaching, Q&A’s, EVERYTHING ! Don’t worry though, if there is a talk or practice you want to join but cannot make the live, ALL ZOOM’s get recorded and posted straight in to the Facebook group as well as uploaded to the online platform library you will have full access to at all times. Having four LIVE zooms a week means I am there with you, I am not just sending you videos and pre recorded content or workbooks.. I am there, I am present, I am actively coaching you every single day.

This is a high touch, high results program.

During your integration week we will have 1-2-1’s together as well as some introductory coaching sessions. This means that I can get a good understanding of where you are currently at, and where you would like to be. If you are not sure where you would like to be, don’t worry.. I can help you get clear on that! In our introductory sessions this is also where I can then give you recommendations based on your needs of what sessions you would get the most from, which ones I think you should attend & which modules in particular should be your main focus.

You also get a private 1-2-1 coaching session with me each month. This is to get in to the nitty gritty, to get personal, to talk about exactly where you are, what you need & how we can best serve you as we move through the program. This is also where we will be reviewing what progress and what transformations you have made. I can then update you on which sessions & modules will benefit you most in the coming month and what your main focus should be.

We also have monthly community celebration sessions on ZOOM. VICTORY & ENJOYMENT are two very important parts of the believe method and that is what these sessions are about. We join together to share and celebrate our successes and wins, big and small. We also connect & have fun. Each time I will plan a new exciting celebration session such as a fancy dress party, cocktail/mocktail hour, yoga dance, kirtan, fun games and more. Like everything in the program this is optional, you can pick and choose what you come to.. but these sessions are such an amazing energy I would highly recommend you attend. Also, did I mention the amazing prize give aways during these sessions?

Every few months we all take a full 10 day break. Oh yes. Creating space, time for yourself, time to switch off and time to charge is VITAL! This is a part of your energy management coaching and this is where the magic happens, this is where the downloads are allowed to occur, this is a time of deep restoration. Make no mistake, this is your time off from active coaching and classes, but this is to provide space for self reflection and true deep inner healing.

We also have weekly accountability check in’s in the group. What actions have you taken this week? What work have you been doing on yourself? What sessions stood out for you the most? What healing has occurred this week? I am always checking in with you & making sure you are staying on track! Again like everything in the program, you can pick and choose what you need. If you tell me in our intro session that you struggle with discipline and staying on track, I will strongly recommend that you engage in the accountability sessions. If you tell me you are super laser focused and never have a problem with getting things done, you likely won’t need the accountability sessions so you can take or leave them it’s up to you.

But wait.. there’s more ! As well as ALL OF THE ABOVE, I also have invited in some amazing guests to work with you and share practices with you in this program. Some of the most AMAZING, POWERFUL & truly INSPIRATIONAL women lightworkers that I know. I don’t want to give anything away just yet but I already know you will love them as much as I do.

If you are interested in setting up a discovery call with me to discuss the program, drop me an email

Places on this program are extremely limited so that I can give my full attention and highest value to every single client. Applications for the program close on 25th April so if you are interested, the time to act is now !

Are you committed, or are you complacent?

If the answer is committed – > The time to act is NOW.


Kirsty Olive x

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