Womb Healing Cacao Ceremony

Join me on Wednesday the 1st December from 6:30pm – 9pm BST for a powerful Womb Healing & Cacao Ceremony.

This journey to the womb space will be an opportunity for deep womb healing, releasing and renewing.

This will be a beautiful deep dive in to the healing power of cacao medicine and the divine feminine in the womb space. This will be an exclusive and never before shared practice, a ceremony I have been working with on a personal level for some time now, connecting, downloading, opening, healing. I am now ready to share this powerful and deeply healing ceremony with you all.

If unhealed, the womb space is very closely connected to our wounded inner child, the mother wound, childhood traumas, codependency, uncontrollable emotions, sexual disfunction & inappropriate sexual relationships, ability to experience pleasure, addictions, lack of intimacy, unhealthy relationships, lack of creativity, being unmotivated, fear of change and fear of feeling and experiencing emotions.

We receive a lot of our traumas passed down through our mothers womb from previous generations, this is called ancestral trauma. We can also carry our mothers own unhealed traumas and any negative emotions felt during pregnancy when we were in the womb. We also carry a lot of our own traumas, some are created through our relationship with our mothers after birth, and can be created due to an unhealthy family dynamic in childhood. A wounded child that has not received effective co-regulation and support from a parent will carry these traumas through in to adulthood. They will unconsciously recreate and repeat these unhealthy patterns in future relationships. This is extremely common and it is our duty to heal and transmute these past traumas so that we can free ourselves and future generations. Every time you heal, your ancestors will celebrate. It is up to you to take responsibility for your own future and be brave enough to do the soul work, i am here to support you and guide you through this transformative process.

By healing the womb space and our Svadhistana Chakra we can learn to really connect with the divine feminine, connect with the goddess energy inside, embrace and feel our emotions without letting them control us, have healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, have a healthy relationship with sex, resolve reproductive issues, become motivated and creative, be excited by change, experience intimacy, overcome addictions, heal our wounded inner child and begin to nurture them, experience PLEASURE.

There are two options for this ceremony. If you already have some ceremonial grade cacao medicine, you can purchase a ticket only option. If you do not already have some ceremonial grade cacao medicine, you can purchase the ticket with cacao option. I will then post you out one ceremonial dose of cacao.

For those who are currently taking SSRI’s, MAOI’s, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have high blood pressure, a reduced cacao dose of around 10g is recommended. For high blood pressure, you may also consider consulting a physician.

Places are limited to only 20 Goddesses. You do not need to have a physical womb to take part in this practice.

If you already have ceremonial cacao, you can purchase the ticket only option. If you do not have ceremonial cacao, you can purchase the ticket + cacao option. I will then post you a ceremonial dose of one of the worlds finest, mayan grown, organic cacaos. I will also provide instructions on how to prepare it for the ceremony.


Ticket Only – EARLY BIRD

Ticket only option. Choose this option if you already have cacao medicine.


Ticket + Cacao

Ticket for the ceremony + 1 ceremonial dose of cacao medicine.