Chakra Activation Online Course

This is a pre recorded – self paced course. You will have lifetime access to the recordings once purchased. After purchasing you will receive the recordings in to your inbox and a welcome email from me same day.

Guaranteed to supercharge your energy, your power, and your prana.

It is time for you to release what has been stuck, all that has been hidden, everything that is holding you back.

Unhealed and out of balance Chakras can cause – fear, insecurities, shame, feeling exhausted and drained, unhealthy relationships, reproductive issues, digestive issues, fear of change, rigidity, sexual dysfunction, inner child wounds, the mother wound, the father wound, feelings of unworthiness, repeated negative patterns, unhealed traumas, feeling stuck, lack of boundaries, no personal power, addiction, low motivation, lack of discipline, lack of belief in oneself, lack of self trust, not feeling grounded, lack of connection to the earth, feeling disconnected, unprocessed anger, trust issues, unable to speak your truth, communication issues and so much more.

We will work on healing and releasing all of this, rewiring your energy pathways and SUPERCHARGING your chakras. Aligning you fully to your highest self. This will be a complete chakra healing, restoration and activation, on so many levels.

This 5 week journey will be a huge gift to yourself, the kundalini tantra transmissions in this program are unparalleled. This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for, together we will completely rewire the flow of life force pranic energy within you.. we will bring you IN to flow, you will become the flow of energy.

If you are feeling called to LEVEL UP with me, receive LIFETIME ACCESS to this amazing course for only €111, currently discounted from 150!

5 Week Chakra Activation Online Course