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Free Online Womb Healing

Kundalini Tantra Womb Healing Practice – 19th October 7pm BST

Unlocking Your Healing Potential.

If unhealed the womb space is very closely connected to the wounded inner child, the mother wound, childhood traumas, co-dependency, uncontrollable emotions, toxic & dysfunctional relationships, people pleasing behaviour, lack of boundaries, ability to experience pleasure, addictions, lack of intimacy, unhealthy relationships, lack of creativity, lack of motivation, fear of change and fear of feeling and experiencing emotions. This can also manifest physical symptoms in the body such as menstrual disorders, fertility difficulties, gynae related issues & chronic illness.

A lot of trauma is passed down through your mothers womb from previous generations, this is called ancestral trauma. It is possible that you carry your mothers own unhealed traumas and any negative emotions felt during pregnancy when you were inside the womb. You also carry your own life traumas, some are created through your relationship with your mother after birth, and can be created due to an unhealthy family dynamic in childhood. A wounded child that has not received effective co-regulation and support from a parent will carry these traumas through in to adulthood. They will unconsciously recreate and repeat these unhealthy patterns in future relationships. This is extremely common, however through womb work it is possible for you to heal and transmute these past traumas so that you can free yourself, future generations, and ensure that these traumas are not passed on to your children (if you choose to have them).

By healing the womb space and our Svadhistana Chakra you can learn to really connect with the divine feminine, connect with the goddess energy inside, embrace and feel your emotions without letting them control you, have healthy relationships with yourself and with others, resolve reproductive issues, resolve gynae related issues & chronic illness / pain, become motivated and creative, be excited by change, experience intimacy and deep connections, overcome addictions, heal the wounded inner child and begin to nurture them, experience PLEASURE and step in to your divine feminine power !

In this beautiful practice we will be working very closely with the water element, the element of the womb space, the feminine and the svadhistana chakra. Using ancient tantric practices combined with powerful kundalini kriya, in a safe and supported environment it is now time for you to deep dive in to the past and free yourself from everything that is holding you back.

You do not need to have a physical womb to take part in this practice – we all have an energetic womb space that contains the powerful, creative, universal energy of the divine feminine.

When we come together as women we have immeasurable power, join me for this beautiful and powerful healing practice. Invite your sisters, every woman is welcome to join us.

** The replay will be available to all ticket holders for 3 days after the live event. The recording will be sent the following morning. If you cannot make the live, and will only be accessing the replay please email me or message me to let me know you will not be attending.

You can sign up for free below. See you on Thursday sister !

Everything that you need in order to heal, is already inside of you.

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