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Eleven Eleven with Kirsty Olive

My Podcast

This podcast is a sanctuary for women on a healing journey, seeking knowledge, inspiration, and connection.

Ranked in the TOP 3 kundalini and hatha yoga podcasts worldwide on Feedspot !

In each episode, we explore the realms of spirituality, womb healing, the divine feminine, self-healing, transformation, and holistic well-being. Together we explore various topics, ideas, and healing methods to help you unlock your inner healing potential and create a life of profound meaning and purpose.

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The Healing Journey with Rhia Luna Fae Eleven Eleven with Kirsty Olive

Top 5 Podcast on Feedspot in Two Categories. Thank you for all of your support, listens, downloads and shares. Rhia Luna-Fae is a practicing holistic therapist and mother of one. She lives and works in Norfolk, and loves wild swimming, ecstatic dancing, plant medicine, running and creating natural products with her beautiful herb garden. Rhia's extroverted personality, mixed with her warmth, sense of humour and big heart, make her quite the social butterfly. Rhia loves to live as holistically and consciously as possible. So you'll often find her creating her own tinctures, kombuccha, reading to learn, challenging her current perceptions and being adventurous. Rhia is currently studying to be a tantric massage practitioner, and is finding the journey expansive and inspiring.
  1. The Healing Journey with Rhia Luna Fae
  2. Trauma Grief & Healing With Nadija Bajrami
  3. Hormone Nutrition with Emily
  4. The Power of Coaching & Womb Healing – with Sharon Redmond
  5. Complex Trauma with Special Guest Ariana Ziminsky

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