Samhain Inner Alchemy Cacao Ceremony Online

This online inner alchemy ceremony will be from 9:30am until 12:30pm on Sunday 31st October (Samhain). It WILL be recorded, and all ticket holders will receive lifetime access to the recording replay.

This powerful inner alchemy ceremony will be a deep dive in to everything that has been keeping you stuck. The traumas, the old patterns and beliefs. It is time to transmute them, give them to the light, and truly heal.

This ceremony is for you if you are already on a path of self development and soul work, and you are ready to take it to the next level. This is for you if you are tired of reading all of the self help books, doing all of the courses and the classes, and still feeling stuck. This is for you if you are ready to say FUCK NO to all of those toxic relationship patterns and you are ready to claim cosmic, sacred relationships. This is for you if you are DONE with the self doubt, the self anger and the harsh inner critic and you are ready to love yourself like the empowered Goddess you are and be FREE.

This is for the woman who says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… my time is NOW ! Claim it sister.

In addition to the live 3 hour ceremony that will be held via zoom, you will also receive access to a BONUS pre recorded Samhain Ritual Practice that you will have life time access to, this will take you even deeper in to your soul work and spiritual journey and will be a resource you can come back to time and time again. You will also have access to me in our private group for one week after the ceremony for any support and questions that might come up afterwards.

During this sacred 3 hour retreat we will be drinking cacao medicine – I will post the cacao to you and give full instructions for how to prepare it. We will also be focusing on ancient Samhain rituals and kundalini tantra practices. This will be a powerful and transformative journey taking you THROUGH THE DARKNESS and INTO THE DIVINE LIGHT. True inner alchemy.

Ceremonial cacao is a non psychoactive plant medicine (no psychedelic effects). It is a gentle, but powerful, loving and heart warming medicine. Cacao allows us to let down the walls around our heart and access much deeper layers of healing.

If you purchase the ‘Cacao + Ticket’ option, I will post you out one ceremonial dose of cacao medicine right away – I suggest buying asap so that it arrives in plenty of time before the ceremony. I will also provide you detailed instructions on how to prepare your cacao for the ceremony – it’s easy don’t worry. The cacao I will provide to you is one of the worlds finest, award winning, 100% organic ceremonial cacaos. Sourced directly from a small scale organic farm in Ecuador.

If you purchase the ‘Cacao Only’ option, you must have your own cacao for the ceremony. Please note that Cacao Medicine is NOT the same as store bought cacao nibs, cacao powder, or cacao paste. Cacao Medicine is pure, 100% organic ceremonial paste. So if you do not have pure ceremonial cacao, please purchase the ‘cacao + ticket’ option. For orders outside ROI, I cannot guarantee that your cacao will reach you in time for the ceremony if your order is placed after the 24th, you are still welcome to purchase this option if you accept that and you will of course be able to do the ceremony in your own time when it arrives.

Starting 9:30am (Irish/UK time) on Sunday 31st October. The ceremony WILL be recorded for those who can’t make the live and the recording will be available for 14 days after.

Samhain – Ticket Only

Select this option if you already have ceremonial cacao and only need your ticket for the ceremony.


Samhain – Ticket Plus Cacao

Choose this option if you do not have any ceremonial cacao and would like to purchase your ticket + one portion of cacao which will be posted to you.