Self Love Club

Self Love Club

We have started however you are still very welcome to join us. You will have access to all of the recordings from day 1 so you can practice everything.


As women we naturally spend most of our time and energy on others. 

⚡We give more than we take

⚡We put everybody elses needs before our own

⚡We leave no time to nourish ourselves

Over time this leaves us feeling 👇

⚡ Underappreciated 

⚡ Frustrated 

⚡ Resentful 

⚡ Undervalued 

⚡ Exhausted 

⚡ Struggling 

⚡ Angry 

⚡ Burnt out 

⚡ Disconnected 

I know how hard it is to manage your busy life and start putting your own needs first. I know the guilt and the shame you feel when you say NO to others. I know how unhappy it makes you feel inside when you spend all of your time trying to make everybody else happy but no-one does the same for you. 

That’s why for the month of October I am inviting you to join me and an amazing community of soul sisters for a 31 Day Self Love Club. 

It’s time to start putting yourself first sister ! 💫🙌

You can join today for as little as €1 per day. That’s way less than a cup of coffee per day, so this should really be a no brainer for you.

Every morning for 31 days in October you will receive a short self love practice from me to do. 

Small but mighty is the idea here! These practices will be mini, they will be short, but when you show up for yourself for 5-10 mins every day for a whole month you will change your world 🌸🌹❤️ 

The most powerful part is that we are doing this TOGETHER ! So no excuses here, we are holding each other accountable, there won’t be no ‘ill do it tomorrows’ because we all know that’s BS. You deserve a MINIMUM of 10 minutes of Self Love & Self Care every single day because you are a badass beautiful Goddess ❤️🌹

So start putting yourself first and join the Self Love Club Sisterhood below (be quick, the early bird is limited) 💃

Self Love Club