Home made & Organic.

Up to 64% of contaminants from products you put on your skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. For underarms this can be up to 100%. The majority of products on the market today contain carcinogens, allergens and other toxic chemicals. Now knowing this, it's time to be more mindful of what we put on our… Continue reading Home made & Organic.

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10 minute Tuna salad

Summers on its way and for me that means less cooked meals and more salads and raw foods. This broccoli and tuna salad is one of my favourites, its so easy It only takes about 10 minutes in total to make and keeps well in the fridge throughout the week. Perfect for meal prep &… Continue reading 10 minute Tuna salad

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High Protein Vegetarian Black Bean Lasagne Recipe.

This veggie lasagne is actually amazing. It has very high protein so great for all you fitness addicts. I love making a massive one of these on a Sunday and I just split it up into containers when its cooked and put them in the freezer, so easy to just take to work for my… Continue reading High Protein Vegetarian Black Bean Lasagne Recipe.

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Mind Body & Soul.

I was talking to somebody a while back, about meditation, going to the gym, eating healthy, why I don’t drink or smoke. They asked me why do you do all of it? They caught me off guard at the time and I wasn’t able to answer, I don’t think they realised what a big question… Continue reading Mind Body & Soul.