Womb Healing Program – Six Weeks

We will be going deeper than ever before, answering all of your questions, bringing everything to the surface, leaving no stone unturned. Together we are going to HEAL your womb and awaken your GODDESS energy.

If unhealed, the Svadhistana Chakra and the womb space are very closely connected to our wounded inner child, the mother wound, childhood traumas, codependency, uncontrollable emotions, menstrual disorders, sexual dysfunction & inappropriate sexual relationships, ability to experience pleasure, addictions, lack of intimacy, unhealthy relationships, lack of creativity, unmotivated, fear of change and fear of feeling and experiencing emotions.

We receive a lot of our traumas passed down through our mothers womb from previous generations, this is called ancestral trauma. We can also carry our mothers own unhealed traumas and any negative emotions felt during pregnancy when we were in the womb. We also carry a lot of our own traumas, some are created through our relationship with our mothers after birth, and can be created due to an unhealthy family dynamic in childhood. A wounded child that has not received effective co-regulation and support from a parent will carry these traumas through in to adulthood. They will unconsciously recreate and repeat these unhealthy patterns in future relationships.

By connecting with & healing the womb space and our Svadhistana Chakra we can learn to really connect with the divine feminine, connect with the goddess energy inside, embrace and feel our emotions without letting them control us, have healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, have a healthy relationship with sex, resolve reproductive issues, become motivated and creative, be excited by change, experience intimacy, overcome addictions, heal our wounded inner child and begin to nurture them, experience PLEASURE.

This next six weeks will take you on a beautiful journey of awakening and self discovery.

Using ancient tantric practices combined with powerful kundalini kriya, in a safe and supported environment it is now time for you to deep dive in to the past and free yourself from everything that is holding you back. It is time for you to step in to your next level self, your embodied Goddess self, your authentic wild, free, playful self.

When we come together as women we have immeasurable power. You will be joining an amazing community of women who will laugh with you, cry with you, support you and heal with you.

Check out one of the testimonials from Suzy, who attended my last womb healing course.

”I will forever look back on this wee four week course as a truly life altering month. Fresh from extricating myself from a High Control/fundamentalist religion it’s going to to take time to connect with my body having been indoctrinated my whole life to believe that self pleasure is wrong and so many other untruths. It has been drummed into me for 40+ to “deaden my body members.

But this course is about so much more than learning about self pleasure. It’s about connecting with our creative and intuitive self : our womb. It’s about learning to honour yourself, to truly understand our cycle and to embrace the utter wonder and beauty that is the female energy and form.

Kirsty goes above and beyond and her passion for this topic bubbles over and imbues us with a sense of awe for the Devine Feminine Energy and renewed sense of power, softness and femininity.

Truly moving, healing, beautiful, life-changing stuff.” – Suzy.

Read Charlotte’s incredible womb workshop testimony below –

”Having suffered for a very long time with gynae related problems I was at a loss about what to do next. Since being introduced to Kirsty and her online womb workshops I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. Who knew loving your womb would take away so much pain.. so much so I won’t be going down the hysterectomy route. Thank you xxx” – Charlotte

If you feel called to join me and nine other Goddesses on this journey to the womb, this journey back to your true self, you can scroll to the bottom to reserve your place on the program. There are only a few places remaining as the early bird tickets were snapped up fast so if you feel called to join us, I suggest you take action asap!

For this investment in yourself, you will receive —->

1x Weekly LIVE Group Session with me – Wednesdays at 6pm BST – They will also be recorded.

6x Pre Recorded Weekly Modules – With LIFETIME ACCESS !

A beautiful Womb Healing Bible – Especially created for this program, full of womb wisdom and yoni power.

A community of supportive soul sisters who will laugh with you, cry with you and journey with you.

Practices and wisdom that will support you for a life time.

Healing and freedom !

Click below to enrol (If you do not have paypal and you would like to pay by card, just click the ‘pay by paypal link’ and do not log in to paypal – this allows you to pay by card without a paypal account). If you have any questions, you can email me using the contact box at the bottom of the page.

EARLY BIRD OFFER NOW ON ! Pay in full option and payment plan options both available !

As a SPECIAL BONUS for booking during the early bird, you will also RECEIVE a private 1-2-1 womb healing deep dive session with me and some extra BONUSES along the way.

Starting 13th September – places are limited.



Payment Plan Option

Make a deposit payment now for 50 euro, then pay the rest in instalments.