Womb Healing Program – Six Weeks

So many powerful women have already taken their healing in to their own hands and transformed their lives through this womb healing container. For a limited time only, doors are open and I am inviting a small number of spiritual women to join me on this life changing journey.

Starting in November, EARLY BIRD tickets are on sale now – sale ends on Sunday.

This container is for the woman who –

  • Suffers from chronic illness / pain / health (autoimmunity, chronic pain etc)
  • Suffers from any womb related issues (PCOS, Endo, Vaginismus,  Amenorrhea)
  • Is tired of being controlled by her traumas, emotions, patterns and beliefs
  • Is on a healing path, but feels overwhelmed by all of the information out there and is tired of working so hard to heal without getting any results
  • Is done with playing small, people pleasing, and not getting her needs met
  • Has been putting other peoples needs ahead of her own and has lost her connection to self
  • Is experiencing a high level of anxiety and stress
  • Has been in toxic, abusive, or unhealthy relationships
  • The woman experiencing fertility, or womb related issues and has tried everything without success
  • Has experienced one or multiple miscarriages
  • If feeling blocked from her creative, powerful feminine energy.

This is for the woman who is ready to –

  • Truly heal so that she can come the best possible version of herself
  • Have healthy relationships, with her children / significant other / family
  • Learn to trust herself, her intuition and her powerful feminine inner compass
  • Be confident, fearless and in control of her life
  • Find emotional, mental and physical FREEDOM !
  • Connect with her body in a new, deep and meaningful way
  • Cultivate a relationship of trust, love and compassion with herself
  • Take her healing to the next level and LIVE !

Mmmmm… sounds amazing right?

Imagine this for a moment…

  • Working WITH your body instead of against it
  • Truly forgiving yourself
  • Understanding the language of your body, communicating with it, and collaborating with it
  • Being empowered by your intuition and inner guidance, instead of afraid of it
  • Truly healing, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
  • Spending more joyful time with your family, because you are happy, energised, calm and in HEALTHY relationships
  • Waking up every day and feeling good inside of your body, being excited about the day ahead and the life you are actively creating pleasure and happiness in
  • Being supported through this journey by a community of loving soul sisters

Well, i’m here to tell you honey… THIS IS ALL MORE THAN POSSIBLE FOR YOU and this is exactly what we will be cultivating within this program.

For your investment, you will RECEIVE –

  • 1x weekly LIVE sessions with me via zoom – Every Monday 6pm BST
  • 6x weekly 1 hour modules
  • Lots of extra videos with powerful knowledge and practices
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the above
  • A womb healing manual full of juicy knowledge and womb wisdom
  • Access to an amazing community of supportive soul sisters

Oh.. and did I mention that the next THREE people who join will also receive –>

  • Access to my upcoming Womb Healing Cacao Ceremony
  • 1-2-1 Private Session with me
  • Access to my 31 day self love club.

So, I have one question for you…. What are you waiting for????

Pay in Full

Pay in full and receive a huge discount !


Pay in instalments

Pay a 50 euro deposit now to secure your place, the remaining 394 can be paid in instalments.